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Linux/Unix Positions at NASA


Hi guys and girls,

My boss asked me to put some feelers out for anyone interested in Linux positions. I’ve busted open the door for those of us without degrees or certifications, but you’ll need relevant experience. Don’t forget to include personal experience (if you’re like me, I like to tinker at home). There’s at least two in Hampton Roads. If you live somewhere else geographically, I can ask if there are other positions that might be closer.

The first one is a Linux Sysadmin for IT Security:

The other position here hasn’t been posted yet, but is supporting the Research Directorate people with mostly Unix and Mac.

If you think you might be shy of some experience, but you’re interested, you should still apply. Good Linux folks are hard to come by, and I know for a fact that the group of you here are among the best I’ve had the pleasure of troubleshooting with.

Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll try to get to them when I can.

Edit: Don’t forget to search SAIC for “Linux”. There are many jobs available all over the country.



if only I was a little closer since I already have a TS

3 hr drive lol



SAIC might have other positions open too. Let me know if you want, and I can check with my boss if there is somewhere closer for you.


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One week.

Hello NASA guy. :slight_smile:



If only I was a US citizen. Thanks for posting, there’s definitely people looking for jobs here.



My first Pin! Also, super important for contract positions: Try to get the job from the main company first, if you can. Subcontracting can present some challenges (like working on holidays to get your pay for that day).

SAIC has a search, I recommend searching “Linux”. They have jobs all over the country, and they’ve treated me well.



Can you roughly expand on what would be the expected range of salaries (for those of us too lazy to go through Glassdoor)?

How do they compare to silicon valley or nyc tech salaries for similar qualifications/work?



Anything in Texas? Would be a check in the bucket list and pipe dream box.



As far as System admin jobs go, they offered me about 20-30% over the average for the country. For here in VA, that’s enough for my wife and I to live comfortably in a two bedroom apt and build up a decent (5 digit) savings in just a few months.

SAIC has a good variety of tech jobs, with competitive pay and benefits (I sound like a recruiter, lol). 401k is 3% plus half of the next 2%, with immediate vesting. They also have stock options with 5% discount taken quarterly.



I don’t see anything for NASA, but SAIC has jobs in Ft Hood, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. They pride themselves in keeping people in SAIC, so you could theoretically get an SAIC job at NASA easier from one of those positions.