Linux tutorials

Hey I want to learn how to use linux os and the terminal. Does anyone know any good guides or tutorials that shows how to use linux like a pro?

I'm not sure of any tutorials, but you can try installing and using Arch Linux. They have loads of documentation, and, personally, I learn best by doing. I've taken one Linux/Unix class at a community college, but I flunked it. Learned most everything I know by tinkering with linux myself.

I'm sure their Wiki has some useful information:

Linux for Programmers and Users by Glass and Ables

my gf liked this one allot

Beginner guide for Linux from  himanshuarora7 on Youtube

linux commands

What about linux do you plan on learning about? If you want to be a proficient linux administration you would need a class or a great deal of discipline with books and online resource other have posted above. You can also try fun projects in linux other people have come up with.

My class used this and a few other small tutorials our instructor could come up with.  The activities in this book are what I'd call OK, since I don't really have anything else to compare it to.  That reminds me, I need to turn in my old book.

I found this one. Haven't checked it out yet. Could be interesting:!

This Week In Linux used to have great material however he stopped making videos, but there are some great tutorials out there. Usually check the forums for Distros and their is usually a section of tutorials. But youtube has the second most.

The playlist is private.....

Check out this guys video:

He has others as well. It starts at about 1:45 .