Linux Touch Screen Support [for ThinkPad X220 Tablet]

So I have this old x220t thinkpad and i'm sick of windows 10 draining my battery and spiking up the cpu usage. mine is configured with an i7 2640QM(hot chip), 8gb ddr3 and a 256gb ssd. i tried running multiple linux distros on it, all worked fine and nicely but their provided touch support is bad(it acts like a mouse so no gestures, no nothing) Except for the Elementary OS 0.4 Loki (that one has it implemented really good) However; the problem with loki is its still kinda under development and man too many bugs on that thing, too many crashes and a lot of things are missing.

So Is their a way to install say ubuntu with with touch drivers ported from Loki 0.4?(i know Elem. OS Loki is built on ubuntu in the first place but ubuntu is just too stable for my use).

P.S.: I only need touch gestures to work in Chrome and Firefox. maybe a system wide scrolling would be a nice extra. I'm not trying to be an artist and sketch the mona lisa on that laptop :P

I really don't use or care about touch screens, so my knowledge is probably lacking.

I THINK loki just uses a program called touch egg to give you the better touch experience.

I also want to say that gestures in firefox will work, but I think chrome is still behind on that front. Something like that.

I am also going to say that if you do choose to go with linux, you should use a distro with a very up to date kernel to provide you the best possible touch experience.

Opensuse tumbleweed, Fedora, and Arch would all be really good examples of up to date distros.

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That is a kernel issue.

Touch doesn't just magically work. if your distro doesn't allow you to use touch. that's because it's disabled on the kernel level. however now-a-days most distros have touch working out the box. Ubuntu, Arch and many others.

Fedora for example has excellent touch. even to the point of using the gyrometer so that when you hold the tablet in portrait, the desktop will move to portrait mode. which alot of other distros don't have.

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I have a X220T (i5 16GB ram) working well with Fedora 25 Workstation. Everything works as intended. So far I like it. I dont use a laptop all that much but when I do use it I have been having a good experience.

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Did you try Fedora? I second @gigabit endorsement. Touch works well with it.

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Thanks for all replies.
@Tjj226_Angel yes i read somewhere it uses egg.
@gigabit @Eden ill give fedora a try. thanks for the suggestion.

I settled for Antergos. it is a really good distro and touch gesture support is fantastic. but im just not used to work on arch distros. the terminal commands are diff than ubuntu. but i guess ill have to get used to it.