Linux support for 980

As for driver support for the 980. Is the closed drivers from Nvidia the better option at the time or is it better to run the open source?

For nVIDIA it’s always the closed drivers unless it’s an old GPU.

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Thank you for the head’s up.

I may need a coke and rum before installing that headache.

On debian it should be headache free but share if you find a problem you can’t solve with a google.

Generally the installation for Nvidia proprietary drivers are pretty easy, and have areally good utility for configuration…Now that I think about it I don’t even know if I have one for the AMD drivers on vega.

its just amdgpu-pro, but this only benifits professional (compute) workloads; not gaming. The professional drivers are not needed.

I’m running the opensource stack. It’s the only reason to buy vega over Nvidia unless you want to mine, and I don’t.

Where people get stuck with the installation is missing the concept of the initial RAM disk and updating that to disable Nouveau. You have to have nouveau disabled to install the proprietary drivers.

Anything past the 700 series means you need proprietary drivers at the moment. Also avoid Wayland for now. (but 18.04 LTS is going back to Xserver, so no worries there)

The main reason to use nvidia cards mainly with stable release type OS.

Find your compositor settings in your respective DE and change it to “force full repaint” (not entirely sure if this was the full name can check later if anyone wants.).

If you start all your conversations with “nvidia is superior” or “for gaming you MUST have nvidia” those kind of comments are disregarded in most linux communities.

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cant agree more in the same games in linux no matter what video card you use you will have worse performance compared to Windows.

Actually I keep forgetting how bad I am at Linux threads, so please carry on.

not sure why did you delete your comment but ok