Linux sucks!

Anyone else excited for the return of Lundukes Linux sucks talk? I'm gonna try to go this year seeing as its in Pasadena and not too far from where I live in Silicon Valley.
Let me know if any of you are planning on going, maybe we can have a little tekky tek meetup and get smashed before the talk.
or after
or both
If you're not familiar here is the 2014 talk.


These talks are some of the best I've found on linux. I forgot about these!

I always get a kick out of his talks. Happy to see another one. It's nothing that most dedicated users don't already know, but to have it digested in this way provides a nice macro-level "state of Linux" for the average user that is useful to keep in mind. I find Lunduke to be a helpful bridge between the specialist contributor community at the top working on specific problems and nontechnical end users at the bottom who just want to get on with their computing.

I'm too far away to join the meet-up, but it sounds like fun. Be sure to give us your impressions after the talk. Would also be great to hear the Tek Syndicate crew's impressions, as it would seem to be of relevance to the Linux channel. Surely Wendell, Qain, and Logan would have interesting takes.

I really enjoy watching him. He used to pop by the linux action show, but ever since that channel took a huge shit, he has been doing these really cool videos.

This talk here is probably the most interesting talk I have seen about linux.


oooh I do hope by envoking the names of the holy...Quadrahelix they decide to come, that would be pretty tits.

I always enjoyed watching the Linux Sucks videos.

His puppetry skills are truly second to none. I still try to watch the Linux Action Show these days even though he doesn’t appear on them anymore, but honestly...It sucks. It sucks so bad now.

Yeup. Ever since Noah came on the show, he has killed it. With fire. And then he buried the show under 10 feet of concrete.

I know that things in the linux world are starting to become more predictable or stable, but come on. The last episode they talked about how cool it was that microsoft is going to have a linux cert that ties in with azure.

And that has been a general trend with them. They talk a lot about server stuff and certs.

When will these guys realize that literally no one fucking cares.

Linus torvalds, does not care. RMS does not care. The people who will inevitably profit from requiring the certs probably do not give a shit either.

I hope they wake up soon.

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I learned a thing!

Yay. I really enjoy his videos. He levies very valid criticism and then shows how it is being improved.

One of the best Linux status updates out there.

love these talks, happy people are bringing these into a larger light

I think the latest one was called "Windows is awesome." I always enjoy his talks on Linux, the guy is one of the more down to earth people that comes out of the linux community.

love it

Ya "Windows is Awesome" talks were just that. He really cuts through the insane bullshit Richard babbles on about concerning Linux and Windblows; Lunduke's thoughts on Linux are actually applicable and logical, if taken seriously by developers could very well increase the Linux install base considerably.

However that brings up another question, would Linux be so great if it was popular? Part of the reason Linux (any distro of Linux mind you) exists the way it does now, is because it has largely been ignored by the general consumer market. I hear a lot of people say that the OS is extremely far behind the corporate competition, and in a lot of cases that is certainly true, but if spying and magically resetting privacy settings is the future of operating systems, I'm glad its behind.

Point is, lets say Linux takes a leap and is competitive with apple's install base. What happens to the Linux we love when it becomes a viable platform for businesses to cash in on? the return of fucking CD keys? pressure in the form of monied donations to say cannonical and opensuse by big busineses to put marketing software in their O.S.? hey, thats already happened, so whois to say it wouldn't get worse.

Sorry this is super off topic but, just a thouht that cropped up. While I would like to see linux gain in popularity, could it be a bad thing?

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I want to see the whole thing! How is he so funny? lol


I went ahead and sprung for the $2/mo...

... since I'm going to sign up for Patreon just for this... i may as well support TekSyndicate while I'm at it... :P

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well your lip sucks on c andy

Is it going to get uploaded on YouTube as well?

Doubtful, you must Patreon support for $2/mo

That's weird. All the previous ones got uploaded on youtube. I guess things have changed. Maybe it's an early access thing for patreon members.