Linux Sucks and Windows is AWESOME

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Berfore Flaming:

Edit: added a new one I didn't watch berfore. SCALE expo 02/2015
Audio is kinda crappy but it's the only one I could find. It's content is worth coping with the audio

Watch it, it's funny and grounded in reality


Its impossible for anything that's free to suck. With the exception of STDs, Sunburn, and Potatoe blight.


what if I gifted an old sock to you?

Watch the video the guy is really funny and there's a fedora guy arguing every time. It cracks me up!

This vid remind's me of my Deal with it, only funnier :D

I've watched this talk and his previous talks before, and the guy always makes really good points. However, he is not discouraging people from using Linux, but only merely pointing out current major issues that it faces, which is a very important thing to do. We cannot close our eyes to the problems of Linux.

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Sarcasm doesn't work in text..... I should know better.

yeah and it's great at it. That's why I love his talks, the guy appeases flaming people of either side "linux sucks" is obviously a trollbait for linux fundamentalists, and to windows diehards that want to add kindle to the flame. That's the reason I'm posting it as a linked reply from the other thread

I was joking, I got the sarcasm, it works, you just got trolled a bit :P

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Awww yes, the guy at the linux convention, he has done this before, and its quite funny, as well as having valid points.

god damn it, got stuck watching this video :/

check the OP, I'm adding a new one I didn't see berfore. same guy

sorry, gotta listen to some sick tunes first, my POTF playlist needs playing

The Linux Sucks is a really great lecture...Even if i do not agree with every point i love the mentality.

I hadn't seen the windows talk but Bryan Lundike is awesome speaker thx for sharing

Lunduke is full of crap, 90% of what he says is inaccurate and he uses statistics that he knows are inaccurate to push a weird agenda of "appearing to be funny". He then negates everything he says by finishing the video saying that everything that sucks about Linux is why it is great. It makes no sense at all.

For example he talks about how Elementary jumps so didn't actually jump that all that quick and he failed to point out the Elementary is 90% Ubuntu and only 10% actual ElementaryOS stuff, all they do is make stuff look pretty.

He also says that Fedora went from the king, in 2002, down to almost nothing but that is ignoring the fact that Ubuntu didn't even exist in 2002 and of course the more saturated a market becomes the more spread out the data will become.

His entire keynote is completely flawed.

Now some one needs to put a windows is so great clip because I'm not going to sift through Ballmer videos.

Loved it.... made me laugh along with rant from The Linux Guy video today...