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Your free to make one on the wiki, email is not required.

(not that it wont be added anyway as youve gave permission, just the more contributors the better :) )


Oh I know but im reducing my Net footprint, i have too many subs and don't want another TBH :)




In the works


excellent :D

I have some more programs to add here, i assume ( perhaps wrongly ) as i update here from time to time you might move them over to the tekwiki ?

I can alert you to any changes either way so you don't have to keep checking.


The TekWiki page is more or less completed for the time being, links have been added to the website of each program (external links open automatically in a new tab/window). Please let us know what you think.

I noticed that Inkscape is mentioned twice in the 'Video & Image Editing, Design & production'-section.


I plan to split this up into their own sub sections.


Amended thanks.


last I used owncloud it was pretty junky.


Add Hamster - it's a neat time tracking software. Probably fits best into Utilities or Productivity.


added, thanks :)


added blender-game engine
added spriter-pro
added piskel

not added but keeping an eye on

ghetto-skype :)


Added tool for the Linux desktop, called TextSuggest.


Vivaldi - Web Browser
LinSSID - inSSIDer alternative


GTK+ UVC Viewer for video recording.
Redshift color temperature changer, like f.lux.


Added both also created a networking sub category for LinSSID to go into :)


also cleaned up the browser descriptions a bit


Already have redshift, i will take a look at GTK+ UVC.


Added as its great. I Could do with some more game stuff thats on Linux or crossplatform if anyone knows of any smaller outlets.


Don't forget the PDF tools.
Okular ( PDF reader developed by KDE, a little more feature-rich than the GNOME default Evince)
PDF Studio ( The business oriented variant of linux PDF editors. Includes all features that you know from Adobes Acrobat Pro at a price point of 129$ )

It actually took me a lot of time to find out that there's other tools beside Acrobat that can handle creation and editing of PDF files, be it on Linux or Windows


Thanks. I have added Okular & PDF Studio. Great suggestions.