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Midnight Commander - visual file manager


One to add Glances, it is similar to htop but a bit more information and is coded in python. I like it others might too.


Don't forget Audacity!
It's open source and free. Should be in the official repositories of your Linux.
It's also beeing used for professional use.


This thread really needs a pin.


Good point. I shall add it, I used to use this on windows back in the day.


I tried in vain buddy :/

But tbh I might not always be able to keep it upto date forever. As long as people link it in threads it should stay alive


I know this is an old thread but a GREAT site to find alternatives to Windows/Mac software for linux is well...


it wouldn’t be old if it got pinned lol , its more of an evolving list.


If I wikify the OP would people be willing to put some work into creating a readable structured first post?


hey ! I didn’t know it was going to get this big :P

if someone could take it off my hands and make it a site resource that would be much better.


To the communication list I would add:
Tox (e.g. qtox)
Multiplatform actively developed encrypted p2p Skype alternative with video call and screen sharing. File transfer is even faster than Skype.
Telegram cross platform WhatsApp alternative. Encrypted and fast. Smartphone is necessary to set it up.


are they both fully opensource ?


For telegram the client is opensource, the server is not:

Tox: it's opensource


I have added Tox. Never used it before but I have heard of it and it seems really good although I doubt it will replace some of the other newer voice chat programs coming out on Linux . As for telegram Im leaving it just in the comments until it becomes fully OS like they plan.

thanks !


Telegram's server side will never become open source. Also a good amount of other programs on the list aren't Open Source.


The website says it might be. But the difference here though is its a tool primarily used for encrypted / secret communications not video editing, having a 3rd party with their own closed software running the encryption through a cloud server isn't the same as Tox which is totally decentralized.

If it bothers you greatly i will add it (as closed source)


Is Vulcan on here now?!


When I read this topic about the tekwiki I immediately thought of this thread. Soo? I think you should add it.


Thanks for making me aware of this. I need a new account to register on there, could you add it for me ?

( you have permission :) )


Vulkan is an APi not really a 'software application' , however if a benchmark comes out with Vulkan support id be more than happy to add it.