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Thanks. That's a good shout, I have used this a lot.


Another one ubuntu/ xfce / mate users will find probably quite useful !


there are also .deb files if you don't want the PPA.

Essential if you have HDMi audio out AND Headphones/analogue and need to switch at night without going into menus or fiddling around with volumes and knocking your ear drums out ( cinnamon does this already and gnome has a plugin )


added synapse launcher :)


Libre Office not Libra Office ;-) Other than that, good list.


oops will amend thanks



I was thinking that a Google Doc Spreadsheet would be much better for this.
That way everyone can edit and add.
Link to Document in OP.

Just a thought and I would be willing to help set up.


I don't use google docs per say, but be my guest. If you can create that and update periodically I shall add the link in the OP.


I didnt add this.. im not sure why, because some people will love it :)
it can be mapped to mouse buttons too and launch url's



Don't forget about Ardour, for music creation (DAW), it is paid, however, but it quite cheap:

Ardour Website -


I have added it thanks !

      Terminal based "Hacker" tools

Wget :
This is a terminal program to make HTTP requests, a popular use case is to
simply download the source of a web page or grab a file from a web
server in a terminal.

btsscaner :
This tool attempts to extract as much information as possible from a
Bluetooth device without having to pair.

Bluesniff :
Another tool for attacking bluetooth devices

The Social Engineer Toolkit Social Engineer Toolkit or SET
is a framework that makes setting up social engineering attacks easier.
Email based spear phishing attacks, fake websites and wireless access
points can all be launched through its menu system. In this case they
are using the SMS spoofing module.


Maybe add ShotCut for video editing? I haven't personally tried it but it looks promising.


That looks really good. It looks KDE related ?

adding it :)



Here are some of my favourites, I've tried to clean it up, deleting already posted suggestions, apologies if I missed one or two. Also, I'm not running Ubuntu, so some of the programs may be either installed on your system by default or the packages may have slightly different names.

urxvt -- plugins for tabbing and quake like terminal
jdownloader -- download stuff (from videosites, and from file sharing sites)
lyx -- create pdf documents with math formulae
qemu -- Virtual machine (mainly for quickly testing live cds)
FileBot -- organize your movie/TV-episode collection, and download subtitles

Command Line
weechat and irssi -- Best IRC clients in existance (IMNSHO)
ncdu -- like WinDirStat, but for the terminal
tmux -- terminal muxer (multiple terminal sessions in a single window)
lshw -- list hardware
lsof -- list open files (figure out what program is using your USB, and many
other cool things)
apt-file -- find package containing a particular file
abcde -- rip mp3
ssh -- remote login
rdesktop -- log on to your windows box remotely
lilypond for writing sheet music
bmon -- view network statistics
nmap -- look for computers and services on the network
z -- quickly jump to recently visited folders
ix -- paste to

terminus (awesome terminal font)
ntfs-3g -- NTFS support
exfat-utils -- Support for Extended FAT file system (Windows USB drives)

testdisk/photorec -- rescue a messed up harddisk
ddrescue -- rescue a messed up harddisk


Thats a great list. Obviously people don't just need to read the OP, posts like yours a very welcome within the thread too.

although I will probably be adding a few of the utilities.


You could add Crusader which is Linux equivalent of Total Commander in windows. Its great ffile explorer/organiser. And qTox de-centralized encrypted instant messaging service.


thanks :) didn't actually mean to write a whole list, just pick out a few off the top of my head, and then suddenly I couldn't stop X )

Sure, feel free :)


Any good RSS reader software?.


Does anyone know if there is a program similar to the SQL Server management studio software?