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SSR is definitely going on the list now. thanks



Internet TV Streaming: TV Maxe, Freetuxtv

Launcher: Albert

Download Manager: JDownloader

Twitch Chat: Chatty

Livestreaming: Livestreamer

Weather Applet (Ubuntu): Indicator Weather, Typhoon

Youtube Player Streaming: GTK Youtube Viewer, Atraci, SMPlayer Youtube Browser

Test Connection: Linspeed

Offline Dictionaries: Stardict

... another list coming soon


added Live streamer, most others are sort of already covered and your post can obviously be looked at too, although Im just looking at Stardict now..

also added Conky Manager


I like feh as an image viewer. About everything else I was going to mention has already been mentioned so... yeah...


I like this thread. For me Linux is about getting work done and not solving the same problem twice.

What do you guys think about having some threads on things like "Show off your awesome setup for ______" which I think would be helpful for me to cover in future Linux videos. E.g. Logan's Foobar2000 video, but the linux equivalent. I can go off and try the various programs and use what you guys have as a guide.

for video editing, simply linking to available packages doesn't cut it. I'd want to hear from folks Actually For Really Realz using the packages to do editing. E.g. for Video Editing the thread might be

show off your Video Editing setups with Linux. Show off your 1080p full stack super whatever crazy something with transitions, subclips, etc. What's the render time like and what programs have you used on other platforms?

It would be Super Awesomely Great if we had a collection of little how-tos for people.

I can give you a for-instance. I am working on a 'recipe' for an upcoming Linux/Enterprise crossover video where we setup a full-stack super-features mail serevr. Webmail, doc management, ldap, Debian, Web Collaboration, iMap, Exchange ActiveSync compatible, etc. Optional OwnCloud plugin. Super awesome imap setup where its not just apt-get install postfix but all kinds of special plugins for postfix. Also optional NSA-proofing steps (lulz).


Finally getting on the Kolab video?


I am really digging quassle for IRC

Thx @freqlabs for showing it off.


re Kolab: Shot it once, but now its time to reshoot. It was shot before we had a linux channel. I can use some of it for broll. The idea was to set it up on a vm on freenas.. but something went wrong.. until recently


Oh digicam and raw therapee are both really nice for photos I use them with darktable


Lutris: Linux game manager and installer

I highly recommend this one if you are having a hard time with games shuffled between steam, wine-steam, emulators, PlayOnLinux.... It's a program that uses scripts for adding/installing games and it's UI is inspired on Steam's Grid view.

Also, for the CLI program list, and gaming related: TTYquake. Site seems to be funky atm (error 403)


Yea, I haven’t added stuff that’s already supplied in 99% of vanilla linux distros. There are some great suggestions here that require more work than sitting down and getting on with productivity or gaming, which is what the thread was intentionally about.

For interested folk completely new to opensource I imagine it will be much like my experience a few years ago where I was amazed that Firefox was even available ! And then I opened Pandora's box .. (insert scanners head explode gif )

I haven’t done the typical URL link format as of yet, The idea is to look in package managers, understand PPA's / APT and the simplicity of the terminal, there has to be some effort other wise your going to be totally crushed the first time something doesn’t go right. Any time you properly learn something new its with enthusiasm.

That Said, my dream thread would have a rating system for each application listed, this way more experienced users who went through the same curve who have pre-vetted the software can effectively order the stack of cards ..

non ninja edit - If you want to alter the layout or groupings at all be my guest ( on your forum )


Ahh Lutris! Its been a while since I saw that, they seem to have just made some big updates looking at the change log. Im adding it because its basically cool.



added dark table, digiKam comes with a lot of main stream KDE releases although it is really good, raw therapee looks similar to darktable only it doesn’t seem to be updated very often ?

the thing about DT is that does tethered shooting which will appeal to a lot of amateur photo goers who maybe want to connect a light weight linux laptop / netbook ( rooted chrome book ? ) to their camera in the field and get instant results.


Not assuming all of your ages or anything but I added something you might laugh at, well it appealed to me anyway :P

Sometimes its the fun things that bring users across. Imagine the possibilities

tip: ctrl - to zoom out.


Liferea and Gpodder are the options for rss feeds/podcasts
The best twitter client on any platform is corebird
mps and mps-youtube powerfull CLI gadgets.
for photo stuff i use rapid photo downloader and phototronic


added core bird. I was looking for something like that. Can it do multiple columns ? like tweet deck ?


No. (yet) As far as I know.


+1 for DeaDBeeF. It's pretty much the only program that I use that isn't on the list, not to mention it's a great FooBar alternative.

MPlayer is also a great terminal-based music and video player.


That name though ...

in any case, its an excellent player probably the closest to replacing foobar ( lets face it, its probably better than foobar but we wont tell Logan :P )

Ive added it and broke the sections into categories.


I think so! Maybe if you check on WebUpd8 website!