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is MEGA app based with linux desktop integration ?


Wireshark is indeed open source (at least according to the wiki) You can obviously do some naughty stuff with it, but its designed for network troubleshooting.


its probably something a semi-pro might miss from Windows who wants to use a work laptop for troubleshooting and get rid of the slow windows partition so they can boot up and get sniffing faster. I will add it.


Depends Citrix and Suse have good GUIs but other companies make front ends as well


Just some technical stuff. You did put Wine twice in the list, also, Samba Configuration is for all types of shares, but it is useful for NTFS, on some Linux distro, depending on configuration, samba congif tool is required (unless one is doing via terminal, but that beats the purpose of GUI programs as we suggest here).


Some terminal based stuff I like and reccommend.

-MPD + NCMPCPP for music, great minimal pair to use together, takes a few minutes to setup, but once it's done you're golden.

-htop, by default on many distros, but if its not there, grab it. Great process management and monitoring, I much prefer it to top.

-ranger, a great cli/curses file manager, used in conjuction with w3m and a terminal like XTERM or urxvt you can also have image previews (shown in attachment)

-weechat/irssi two great terminal based irc clients, cant reccommend these enough.

-vim a great text editor.

honorable mentions:
-scrot, not really a terminal based application, but can be launched from the terminal for screenshots.
-screenfetch, a great utillity to show system specs and themes/de/wm in use.

Rather than filling the thread with a giant screenshot, theres a link below showing each program mentioned.
screenshot showing applications


Well, this list could be endless, but here is some of what I use daily:

firefox / chrome: browsers
xmonad: tiling window manager
emacs / vim: awesome editors
tcpdump / wireshark: network capture and analyze
git: version control
gcc / clang: compilers
zsh: shell for completionistas


What about cli programs?

moc = music on console
ranger = terminal file manager, lightweight
htop = system monitoring

I know this is for people with a peaked interest but thought at least some cli programs should be included.

EDIT: ok mabey I just like stuff in the terminal...


amended. thanks


I added htop and screenfetch. still musing over MPD server + NCMPCPP. They are not really something a windows user will miss as they probably never had it (so good :P ) Still, I struggled to get it working, i admit i failed a bit with the ports and what not but once its setup it is indeed awesome.. perhaps something interesting for more veteran linux users.


Don't forget two great terminal games, net hack and dwarf fortress


thanks. added htop. im not sure on moc, its great but not quite the instant hit a beginner windows user will possibly want ( in the end bspwn with moc or mpd will be their destiny :P )

ranger looks good but all Linux distros ship with an easily accessible and decent enough manager. Having said that im going to check it out and i might add it.


I might add a new section for terminal stuff seen as a lot of people are suggesting things terminal based?


thats cool, I was just suggesting generally helpful software.

Definitely my favourite music player.

Oh, i should mention.
MPV - amazing video player.
livestreamer-twitch-gui (pretty self explanatory)

The last one in particular is sorta less noob friendly since its solely cli based, but its neat nontheless, iirc there are gui versions to use youtube with no flash needed.

haha how could I forget?

I just like ranger because image previews in terminal is pretty neat.
Personally I use the cli for file management and just use a normal terminal more often than ranger.. but hey its a neat little application.


Terminal is a blast you can watch you tube in lol. Tmux and GNU screen are great terminal multiplexers. I.E. Have multiple programs running in one session and have it be persistent, crazy useful.


I added that thanks.


what does MPV have over VLC for a newcomer ? it looks nice and lightweight, is there anything specific ?

those links, they are things that can run in the terminal ? definitely cool. It looks like you can run and entire desktop session inside a multiplex terminal lol ... amazing.


There are a few things, a lot of it requires tweaking however. Things like better smooth motion and subjectively better colour representation.
It's just a simple does what it says video player, just about every application I use is intended to be lightweight and do what it does best, mpv (in my experience) runs lighter and with less hiccups than vlc.

Also it has youtube-dl built in so you can do for example:
mpv '' and it will play a stream.
or mpv '' and it will play a youtube video.

This also extents onto 90% of video content on most websites.

The second, youtube-viewer, is run in a terminal. you search and launch videos using it and they open in your default media player.

The twitch one is a gui application that lets you browse twitch without having to use a web browser, and again, opens the stream in your media player.

I'm not sure if its apt for windows users, but dmenu and in particular dmenu-extended is an amazing application for launching programs, oppening files, searching the web. (the last two options require dmenu-extended)

its a pop-up launcher that you open with a hotkey, start typing what you want, and then hit enter when its got it. My favourite launcher by far.
The reason this may pertain to windows users is many are accustomed to the winkey+type what you want method of oppening applications.

...However iirc unity has this feature built in, same with gnome and perhaps others.. I just like dmenu because its super light weight.


you reminded me of another "clipgrab" if you haven’t seen it :)


which reminded me, youtube-dl is a command line application that you can use to download youtube, and just about any, videos off the internet.

also, simplescreenrecorder - does what it says on the tin, dead simple screen recorder