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To anyone looking for some minimal and useful programs.
Video: MPV, the fastest and probably one of the best video viewers on Linux.
Backups: Duplicity! All day everyday!


GSmartControl - Very user friendly gui to perform tests on that stupid old drive that is clicking all day.
youtube-dl - Yeah, that. From the terminal. Pretty powerful actually.
xcalib - ICC profile loader.


You could tell me


Did a quick search of this topic and I noticed that Overgrive isn't here.

It's a sync client for Google Drive on Linux that actually works without an issue (in my opinion).

It costs $4.99 but this is a perpetual license tied to your Google Drive account.


There's a bunch you can add for game creation:

Modo (NON FREE, closed-source 3D Modeling / DCC tool)
Substance Painter (NON FREE, closed-source 3d painting/texturing program)
Substance Designer (NON FREE, closed-source node-based procedural texture creation)

Pretty sure UE4 has a linux version too.


Redshift + Geoclue 2.0

It's like the F.Lux software but for Linux and also free from Software Manager / Synaptic


Gpick - Pick colours. By picking. With a picker.


I never looked this up before but I am blown away.


This thing is awesome! It is streaming youtube videos or streams and playing audio only right in the terminal. You get the high bitrate audio without wasting resources playing video in the background. The best thing is it is also a UI complete with search for youtube. So you really don’t need anything else than a terminal and working audio to start listening to podcasts or music streams.

@moderators Could you pin this topic at the top of the linux section? It is quite a nice resource and extremely underused because it gets pushed down again and again.


I think youtube-cli has a stream feature?


They are not appliations as such, but I feel availability of technology such as lvm or zfs is important to include for those who understand what power it comes with.


CAM: BlenderCAM can run as a plugin or separate install.

KeePass: password management


@Eden @wendell This thing could be helpful but it gets buried again and again.

iftop - live network monitoring in the terminal
keepassxc - graphical Keepass application for linux, mac and windows

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@wolfleben Wolf to the rescue! :smiley:

Thanks @anon37156419 for posting about:

pinta - simple but well made painting and image editing



Thanks @noenken


Rclone syncs to every type of remote storage under the sun including Dropbox, GDrive, OneDrive, S3, SFTP, you name it. It supports transparent encryption and will also mount cloud storage locally, so you don’t need to consume local storage. Does not require root.


Added Telegram as it has matured more now since last consideration.


Zim for personal wikis and note taking.


lol I forgot about this.


added Hydrapaper.


kbdlight, for activating macbook backlight on linux

Simply download and type “kbdlight up” in terminal to activate[email protected]/msg00270.html