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added tekwiki link to bottom of OP.


i7z - terminal based monitoring of current clock speed for each core, C-states and stuff.

There also is a i7z_GUI but it didn't work for me.



The GameJolt client is similar to and runs on linux! It's new but runs pretty well on my Arch Linux system. They have some nice projects and game jams


Added Gamejolt ( looks cool ) and removed Desura. Thanks.


Tor for a web browser.


Just finished reading through the list and got several new programs to try. I also searched the commits and unless I am mistaken no one has suggested Mednafen for game emulator. I have used it for over a year now and like that it's 1 program but emulates 15 game systems. right now I am testing out the snes and ps1, but can confirm no problems with nes, gb, gbc, and gba.


I'm sure you've found it already if you've already had a need for it, but a very useful program: traceroute


Added TwitchLive & Gnome Twitch


Added the following:

  • Chromium
  • Quassel IRC
  • Mumble
  • KTorrent
  • KMail
  • Evolution
  • Banshee
  • Amarok
  • PCSX2
  • GCC
  • LLVM Clang
  • emacs
  • Vim
  • KATE
  • KDevelop
  • Eclipse


  • WINE description (WINE works quite well, but being aware of AppDB and it's limitations helps)
  • KVM description (KVM is about as simple as VirtualBox and performs about the same)


Added Banshee, PCSX2, Chromium, Mumble, kdevelop & vim

The others are a bit out of the scope of this list. It is mainly for easy access with GUI software for transitioning windows users although some simple text editors are fine. As such terminal compilers & low level virtual machine emulation are left out. Amaroks last update was 2015 and it seems not to be in a big development state, it also requires a lot of KDE libs.

Of course you added them in your post for others to try :)



Oh. Sounds like a short explanation of what a compiler is might clear this up a bit.

A compiler is not an Integrated Development Environment (I'm assuming that you think it is, since they tend to be closely linked on Windows), it just compiles source code to a binary format so it can then get linked into a usable binary executable by the linker. This is pretty much always software with exclusively a command line interface that the user seldom calls directly.

The point of adding them was to go "here's two compilers for software developers coming over, they're fully compliant and come with libraries that support everything up to the newest standard". Most people won't use these from the command line, but instead from an IDE (such as KDevelop, Geany or Eclipse or what have you).

At this point the LLVM acronym means absolutely nothing since LLVM is just a widely-used compiler infrastructure. No emulation is done and nothing special is required to run binaries compiled using Clang, it's just a widely used alternative to GCC that some people prefer.

I'm not sure if I'd call vim or emacs simple. If you're going for that, you should probably replace both of them in the list with just GNU nano and Kate.

*make is a tool for automatically compiling a software project. It processes a makefile with instructions and then builds your project for you according to those instructions. It calls compiler, linker, etc. Can be thought of like a shellscript with the express purpose of compiling applications and/or libraries.


Thanks, il refrain from a lengthy discussion on the merits of what is what. I don't think a compiler is an IDE at all though, perhaps i should of left the word 'terminal' out in that sentence.

i can add them though if you still want ?

edit* added LLVM clang, also if you look at the updates I didn't actually describe vim as simple i actually describe it as powerful :) (the notion of simple to some is in not having a GUI ;) )


added a new section called Vendor Specific applications.

Includes so far razerCommander, polychromatic which are graphical front ends for managing Razer peripherals under Linux



SC Controller which is a GUI for Steam Controller not requiring big picture & SSCD which is a driver not requiring steam to be on to use the Steam controller.


Another entirely open source driver, daemon and service for managing your Razer peripherals on GNU/Linux systems.


Added Kaku Open-Source Desktop YouTube Music Player for Linux


Add tomahawk to the list. : D


Nice, looks great. I will add it.




-Terminal based: Powershell?


Added wmail. Desktop gmail client.