Linux SMB/CIFS local network file caching server

I’ve been investigating implementing a network file cache server utilizing Linux and was curious if anyone has implemented a similar solution.

Ultimately I’m trying to utilize a NVMe software RAID to act as a middle man for data going and coming from our spindel based storage solution.

We have roughly 4TB of cache space available via the NVMe array.

I’m trying to utilize this array to increase available throughput to users accessing and storing data stored on the spindel array while keeping it transparent.

The good news is the cache server contains no critical data so it can easily be formatted if required. The spindel data cannot be formatted however and resides on separate physical hardware from the desired cache server.

Any advice or fingers pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve never used it, but Catfs seems to be what you’re looking for

Unraid does read/write caching to a specified device (devices?), preferably an SSD of some description and then flushes to spinning disks afterwards.

Not sure how that’s configured underneath in Linux. Worth digging around for information on how they handle it unraid itself isn’t a solution for you.