Linux shooter game engine trying to get funding

I haven't heard anyone mention this engine trying to get funding . Why isn't there any buzz about this engine?

Don't give them money. They created the engine and it was crossplatform, then they failed and the engine went windows and mac only. Now they open sourced the code (probably because no one uses it) and ask for money to "re-port" it to linux. Those guys failed to keep it crossplatform, why would you believe that they'd do a good job at porting it?

I posted about this when it first showed up but no one replied.

I'm new here, so I'm pretty sure I missed your post.

Is the old port still available for Linux? DO you know if the engine is any good? It looks like something that can really get more games with good graphics made for Linux.

I missed that post too, and I've been here a few months, and I'm always browsing unanswered threads.

There are good engines which support linux: source, unity3d, idtech1-4, several forks of idtech3, unigine, UE3.

The problem with open source games is the art assets and not the engine.