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Linux realtime kernel + NVIDIA drivers



I am running Ubuntu 16.04 and have compiled and installed the realtime kernel from
The problem I’m facing is that the code I’m developing not only depends on the realtime kernel but also needs GPU compute capabilities with my NVIDIA card. This means I need to install the binary NVIDIA drivers alongside with the CUDA tools.
But I can’t install the official NVIDIA driver on a realtime linux kernel. The installer prompts that the driver is not compatible with realtime kernels.

Does anyone have an idea how can solve this problem.
I have seen some repositories on the arch linux wiki but those drivers are outdated and not maintained anymore.

So what I need is a patch that I can apply to my realtime kernel before I compile and package it.

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standard Ubuntu realtime kernel will not work with nvidia drivers

I have this kernel working with Debian and nvidia drivers:

Arch realtime kernel has no problem with nvidia driver


That was actually a helpful idea but after installation I realized that the library that my program relies on checks for /sys/kernel/realtime being set to the value 1.
The liquorix kernel sadly doesn’t set this value. And as the /sys/* params can and should not be set by the user, this path just failed.
I’m still open for new ideas but this whole incompatibility thing seems so silly to me!
Is there any technical explanation for why a graphics driver would not work with the realtime kernel?


suggest you try Manjaro (with Gnome DE if you want similar to Ubuntu?)

Select non-free drivers before booting to have nvidia driver on Live USB

Once installed, go to - Settings > Manjaro Settings Manager > Kernel to add realtime kernel
( latest is 4.18.16rt )

CUDA and everything else installs from package manager (octopi on KDE, pamac on other DEs)


Isn’t therema specific science driver to hook into realtime or something?


wouldn’t know dude, don’t recall hearing her name before!

but may be the sort of realtime kernel OP is seeking if wanting CUDA too

i saw mention of an old repository on Arch, which i took to be the old ArchAudio
likely was missed that there is pro-audio group in Arch community repository
same as Manjaro maintains most of the JACK stuff in community

not easy to work out what it actually is yet due to lack of specific information


Well, unfortunately I have to use Ubuntu 16.04 because the libraries I use are only built for this version of ubuntu.
I know, it’s ridiculous.