Linux problems with G710+, better MX brown Keyboard?

Hello All,

I currently have a Logitech G710+ Cherry MX Brown keyboard and I am happy with it except for the incompatibility issues with Linux. There is a funky way this keyboard registers keystrokes, I think it reports on key up but not key down or something like that. The result is the keyboard constantly reports a '6' keystroke, as if I am holding the 6 key down constantly. 

Windows is fine with this problem(i.e. it doesn't spam 6's in windows), but when I am installing Linux or I am in a serial console (I think that's what it's called) I can't do anything because my keyboard is constantly spamming 6's. There are drivers for it for Linux but I still have a problem where I need to unplug and replug the usb mouse every time I boot into Linux because it loses the mouse input so I can't move the mouse to the login window and the keyboard doesn't do anything. 

Does anyone know the problem I am talking about? Am I correct in assuming it is a problem with the keyboard in that it doesn't work quite the same as other USB keyboards? I have another USB keyboard and it works fine. 

I am also open to any fixes (like some inline USB dongle or something similar) that makes the G710+ appear more like a conventional keyboard as I do like it except for all the hoops I have to jump through for Linux.

The Roccat Ryos MK Pro is another MX Brown keyboard available in my area (Toronto/Waterloo), can anyone confirm that this keyboard works like a USB keyboard should?