Linux Pro Tip & Tweaks ( Git - your tweak on )

There are so many Desktop Environments, small unknown programs, apps, shortcuts or tweaks its one of the best things about Linux it could be helpful good to build a list of tips.

Its easier if the information is categorised a bit, so:


DE : Cinnamon
Action: System Settings, Windows, "Action on Title Bar With Mouse Scroll" - Action : Adjust Opacity

Usage / Outcome:
. Allows for you to subtly see the desktop Background whilst browsing
. Allows for you to tell if your terminal / file conversion batch has finished or how far through it is
. reduces bright white web pages intensity
. allows to tell which window are snapped below the main maximised window


Program: screenfetch
Action: (follow instructions )


. its kind of the cool thing to do
. It helps others see what settings you are running so they can mimic the look of your desktop

$ :(){ :|:& };:


I don't want to freak anyone out so I'll explain it.. It's a fork bomb. It defines a Bash function that calls itself recursively. If you don't kill it in time it'll freeze your computer, probably cause a kernel panic.

What is that? If this is nonsense let me know so we can delete it.

Why not add something constructive instead of trashing the thread ?

Delete it. its designed to lock up your system.


It's a joke.

If anybody is wondering how the fork bomb actually works.

:() - This defines a function. ":"
{ :|:& }; - This body of the function which is just calling the function twice.
: - This starts the loop by invoking the function.

The body basically calls the function twice these two new functions also call another two of the functions each and so on and so on.

The deadly part is the |
It pipes it into another :
The & runs it in the background, if you took it out I think you could use ctrl-c to terminate it.

I remember being on /g/ a long time ago and seeing a troll thread about fork bombs. Being new to Linux and the terminal I ran this a started to freak out thinking that I had broken my machine, or had opened it up so some sort of hacker attack. The best feeling was after rebooting my computer to see that it was fine and it was all just a curl joke. Why are people on the INTERNET so mean :,(
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I completely forgot to mention the ampersands sending one of the calls into the background >.<

At least you learnt your lesson on /g/ and not /b/ they have some real fucked up people on that board o.0