Linux parental control options

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I’ve setup a computer for children to work and play with. In Windows and MacOS I would be able to setup some parental controls, but Linux doesn’t seem to support something like that. I’m thinking about time-limits and webcontent filters. The first part is easily covered with Timekpr , but the second part seems to be incredible complicated. There are no GUIs and no “fast” ways to enable/disable a website. There also seem to be no filter-lists one could easily subscribe to (as you can with adblockers).
Apparently there used to be solutions available such as webcontentcontrol or Nanny, but both haven’t seen any development for the last 10 years…

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

If you just want malware and nsfw content filtering, you could try setting the dns to for the Cloudflare for Families service. I still would not trust it to block nearly everthing though. DNS based filtering is probably what you are looking for rather then OS level.

If you want to whitelist individual sites then an option is leachblock. It has to be added to each browser installed(chromium or firefox based), setup for each browser individually, and does not do anything if kids learn about curl or wget. However, it is very flexible in terms of blocking specific sites during specific time periods, which is great if it is for kids that need help focusing on schoolwork. I have tips on how to set it up, if you are interested.

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(Immediately think of Khajit has wares, if traveller has gold…)

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