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Linux or windows inbox?


I’m confused whether your inbox is a debian package or an exe. This doesn’t even make sense because it’s probably php…



Wsl2/ wine sure do make things hazy



I just want to introduce myself so I’m not just that random person teasing about something random.
I built my first PC at the Pentium D. 128 MB RAM and a 40 GB HDD. I can’t for the life of me remember what MOBO.
I’ve been on Fedora since core 7 at home, which would be around 2005-2006.
I’m learning to hate active directory all over again at my new job. I’m basically locked out of everything on my system and have to call tech support to install programs…
I am tech support, but I have to call tech support to install my tech support software. Oh, the bureaucracy!
Anyways, I hope Krista is feeling better and nobody else is sick. Hoping to catch a new episode tonight after work!