Linux on iPod 4th gen?

As the title says, but is this possible? If so how. I'd find it awesome if this is possiable, even if some how you could get it to dual boot.

Just having fun at school, you know, on the forums.

You can install a fair share of the GNU utilities on a jailbreaked IOS, and you already have a UNIX OS and a monolithic kernel, not Open Source but still...
There's a repo especially for GNU utils ports and there's also one for ports of penetration testing softwares, like metasploit, john the reaper, tcpdump and all those pentesting/skiddie stuff...
There's a giant forum post somwhere on the InterWeb, about how to transform an Idevice in a pentesting platform.

Concidering that cydia is essentially a port of apt-get, you have it all :D

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Now if I recall I had previously tried this on one of my devices after finding out some one had actually done it.
All I can find is,

The arch wiki link is only to mount the Ipod on Archlinux, not to install Linux on it...

Yeah I only actually meant to paste the second one lol

Maybe try this out - rockbox

Not a linux OS, but is an open-source alternative firmware that can be loaded on alongside the original firmware and gives dual-boot option. Have never tried it on an ipod device, but installed no problem for me on a sansa mp3 player

Thanks, I really like the dual boot thing. I don't like IOS, but I would like to keep it in case.

If ipod works same as other players, this can be installed and uninstalled without affecting the original firmware. have used the auto installer before and never had to get into doing anything manually. Just read the manual specific to your model and should explain it all in depth