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Linux on hp Envy x360 AMD Questions


I have an hp Envy x360 with the Ryzen 5 2500U APU that I bought a couple of months ago. When I first got it I naturally installed Linux to see how well it worked out of the box. Unfortunately for me, it was not a very good user experience at the time (late Feb 2018) so I switched back to Windows 10. I’d like to get back to Linux as my main OS at home again but I want to hear other’s experiences first before I start over. Does anyone on here have any experience with Linux on this laptop? My preferred distro is Antergos with the Gnome desktop environment but I’m open to experiment. The main thing is I need Teamviewer and Remmina to work for my day job and wifi needs to work out of the box. The touchscreen is worthless to me so I don’t care if that feature works or not but I do want the keyboard backlight and function keys to work. And of course Steam needs to work as I love Civilization 6! I am not a Linux power user by any stretch but I am the Sys Admin at my office so I’m at least above “user” level :wink:
Thanks guys!



If you’re already familiar with an Arch based distribution of whatever variety, I personally at least would stick to that path based upon yourself being “above userland level.” Which you must be based upon AntergOS having it’s foundings in CinnArch.

Regarding what Linux operating system best suits that particular workstation, I will leave to another with better advice. And we have more than enough Community Members to answer that for you mate.

So grab a chair, sit back, and relax as I’m sure someone will be along momentarily.



Kernel 4.16 has support for the 2500U. In a while I’ll have the same exact machine so you will soon have a review and instructions on how to improve your experience.



Awesome! I’ve been pretty happy with the laptop overall but I would highly recommend adding an NVMe boot drive as the spinning rust is painfully slow.



Oh no trust me, when I’m done there won’t be spinning anythingc in it.



Does it have a fan?



Well… Ok excluding the fan, nothing will spin.



Alright I’m taking the plunge this morning. Antergos live USB seems to be functioning as expected with wifi, function keys and trackpad working without issue. Ski-doosh!



Spoke too soon :frowning:



I figured it out but ugh! I just installed antergos in a vm last night and the mirror list worked fine. :expressionless:

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Yeaaaaah sometimes it just… Does that. If/When I get my unit I’ll be testing with void linux and pop_os.



I’ve got it up and running. Got everything I needed for work to work no real issues. Steam seems to be working but I’m waiting for Civ6 to update itself. The only thing that concerns me is that the laptop seems to get warmer than before at idle. I’m going to be looking into better power management than the stock Gnome gui I think.



The 4.17 Kernel not only has better support for Ryzen Mobile and Vega graphics, it is also highly focused on power management. Lots of improvements in that kernel. If you can run a current rc with the correct mesa and firmware, you should see a drastic difference in power consumption and heat.

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Manjaro 18 is currently in beta (the XFCE variant at least) and straight up installs on my lenovo 720s which is also a raven ridge mobile laptop. Kernel 4.17 is running fine and in general I would love to use that machine as a daily system. The only thing that keeps me from doing that is this:

Ryzen/Vega Laptop PCIe Bus Error

Would be interested to hear from you about freezes like this.



The newer kernels include a lot of improvements. Around the time of kernel 4.15 I found setting the kernel parameter acpi_enforce_resources=lax improved temps by ~5-10C and thus reduced fan noise.



I’m going to have to look more into the graphics drivers because unfortunately civ6 is running crappy compared to winblows.



Ok I’m back again lol! After 4.20 kernel was released, Antergos stopped working so I switched back to Windows for awhile. Eventually got fed up and switched back to Ubuntu which isn’t terrible if you turn it into straight Gnome but then they updated past 4.20 and now I’m back to Linux Mint using kernel 4.15. Everything is working great so naturally I’m going to poke it with a stick until it breaks again. Currently manually updating the kernel to 4.17.19. If that works I’ll probably try 4.19.



I’m rather cautious about it atm but I’m on kernel 5 and it works A+ for rn.



Really? What distro? I haven’t found a live usb that will boot since 4.2.