Linux on an old Macbook

Hey guys

I have an old 2009 white macbook that used to be my girlfriends but is sitting around gathering dust. I want to use it as the hardware is fine for general stuff but i hate the mac os and its slowing down. Whenever i have tried to install linux on it whether its side by side with the mac os or as a standalone operating system the trackpad doesnt work properly. the mouse cursor is sluggish and doesnt respond to your gestures. just moving it across the screen will result in it getting stuck part way. It makes no difference if i plug a usb mouse in.

Having looked around this seems to be an issue that people are aware of but not one i have found a solution to.

Has anyone got any ideas, ive tried both mint and ubuntu but both are the same so its clearly a mac hardware or bios issue. I do have windows 7 but would prefer to use linux, failing that i think i will just sell it for bit.



The correct driver is called "xf86-input-mtrack". You'll probably have to compile it.

thanks very much

Once again, Zoltan to the rescue.