Linux on a 360

I got bored and started to see if i could run a distro on my RGH 360. So far I have had no success and I have no experience in coding what so ever. So I have only used what is left over from other users creations, and as far as I know the Free60 project is no longer in active development. So if anyone has any experience doing this I would like some help in getting it work. Just for the lolz.

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No experience, but free60 was the only project I knew of. Even if it’s not in active development, you could still try to run it.

If you can get free60 running you can technically build the tools to build a distro.

Tho that 3 core thats in there is a turd. You’d be better off getting an unlocked PS3.

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Well I have xell-reloaded already running. Since that is needed for getting the cpu key to create a freeboot image. Was able to find a modified version of ubuntu 10.10 PPC to run on the xenon chip off a usb, but it usually just comes up with segmentation fault or freezes at ‘please wait while kernel loads’.
other than that, it is as far as I have gotten.

Also what is the main issue with the 3 core chip? Is it not just a modified G5 CPU?

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No the 3 core xenon is its own platform entirely. The 970 was a much more powerful chip than that 3 core. Where the 970’s can clock up to 4ghz, 2.5 being the fastest consumer chips, that xenon is lucky to stay cool enough to run at 1.16. Most of the time it runs at 950mhz on 2 cores, and that third core runs at 400 only as a layover, like swap in linux lays over for ram.

Theres more to it. But on my phone at work, so we can talk in 6 or 7 hours if you want.

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Thanks for that info, it actually explains a lot. I am going to see if I can get a spare 360 HDD, since I found a Debian 6 installation guide in the Free60 GitHub wiki.
If your curious here is a link

Also don’t worry about chatting. I’m not the best at it. If I do manage to get this to work I will put my methods in this thread if someone wants to replicate what I am doing.


Port llvm and boost.

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