Linux O.S

I have question about linux. I'm new to tek syndicate member and I'm new to the forum's and this is my first time creating a forum topic. I want to build my first computer and I want use linux as my operating system but I dont know where to buy it or which version of linux to get because I tried googling for where to purchase a copy and treied to understand more about it or what version to get but, it was very vague to me I was wondering if anybody can tell me more about linux and how it works by people who have experience useing linux and if you could point me in the direction to where I can buy linux I would really appreciate the help. Thank you for your time spent reading this. Also I apologize for my poor grammer.

good starter distro. it's free


FYI- most distibutions(versions) of linux are free, and open-source. AFAIK, the only distro of lunux you need to buy is fedora, but that is meant for buisnesses.

might help ya understand it better

almost all distributions of linux are free and if your going to start with linux you should try Ubuntu they have around 58% of the "market"

you will just download the iso 32bit or 64bit and use the usb creater they link to and install the iso on the usb stick or you can burn the iso to a cd/DVD and set your boot divice to what ever method you picked.

if you want to use steam for linux, you should use ubuntu for the best compatibility.

also when you install ubuntu i would recommend installing updates at the same time.

Fedora is free as well, its pretty much fair game for what you want it to do with it

and yes there is a way to get steam on it


I'd definetley go with linux mint or ubuntu to start off with i find its an easier transition from windows, the best part of that is that by using those you'll be have the know how to use alot of other debian based distros


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Fedora is free, but Red Hat isn't anymore, the open source version of Red Hat became Fedora Core after Red Hat 9, and Fedora Core became Fedora after Fedora Core 9(IIRC). And Red Hat only exists in the Enterprise version.

Anyway, to the OP, you should go for a distro with an easy to use package installer, like yum or apt-get, that way you most likely won't have to touch the command prompt. But I recommend anyone going into linux to at least try to learn the command prompt because it's IMO the best part of linux.

In my experience most of the distro's are fairly similar when it comes to ease of use, very easy to install using the graphical installer, IMO it's easier than installing windows, very easy to use with the major graphical desktop interfaces, like KDE or Gnome, and with huge amounts of forums out there where most of the common questions are answered.

Try elementary OS. It is based on Ubuntu but faster and more simple.

As have been said earlier I'd recommend going with either Ubuntu or linux mint. And I'd choose the 64-bit version in both cases.
I run ubuntu 12.10 64-bit on my laptop and it works great out of the box. However, if you install an SSD in the system, make sure you enable TRIM. The instrutcions for that are easy to follow and can be found by googling.

And for clearification, the linux core is always free since it is open-source. When companies pay for linux they pay for any applications that comes bundled with linux as well as support for the operaing system. 

Ubuntu based distributions are a solid place to start. Don't worry too much about whether it's Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, etc. It's very easy to change one into the other. 

With that said… Steer clear of "light weight" distributions. Ubuntu LTR, Linux Mint Cinnamon, & Linux Mint KDE have great defaults for beginners.

Welcome to Linux.

I agree with this guy. elementaryOS is a user-friendly and good-looking distro that is great for not only beginners, but everyone who wants a unified interface without the hassle.