Linux not configuring keyboard

Hi all,
After Logan's upload I decided to switch over to ubuntu. Everything went smoothly apart from shortcuts not working. I explored further and realised that all of my bottom key (ctry, alt, super) where mapped as left shift. If anyone can help me with this situation it will be greatly appreciated.

What type of keyboard? UK,US,EU,other? Multimedia with fancy keys?

im not sure, heres the link to where i bought it:

no no just print screen your options screen and upload here.
Wherever it says keyboard things

if this is it, the bottom keys on the main part of the keyboard are all recognised as left shfit(apart from space bar and menu)

This seems to be a problem with a specific set of fairly cheap unknown keyboards that have similar problems in OSX as well. I couldn't find a solution to it except for one thread, so you might want to try what is suggested in the link below otherwise it seems its an unfixable hardware problem.

it must be keyboard, im glad i still have the one and only windows wireless keyboard