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Trying to install a USB to HDMI adapter and the supplied driver is windows based, the open source github is here. GitHub - FrescoLogic/FL2000: Fresco Logic FL2000 Linux/Android Kernel driver

I am a complete noob with this sort of install, can someone point me to a similar walk through that I can reverse engineer into getting this up an running!

Installing on Raspbian as FYI

Thanks, in advance !

The GitHub sources are what’s called “code over the wall” in the industry. (The particular link you posted).

In general unless you have experience with programming/developing code, you most likely have no chance of getting it working, someone else might.

  1. On which kernel versions does this driver work?
    This driver is tested on Ubuntu 14 LTS as well as some Android platforms with kernel version 3.10.x. This driver source might not compile on newer kernels (eg. 4.0 or above) because of the fast-moving API changes in the mainstream kernel. You might need to adapt it for your own use.

Sometimes, there’s a good Samaritan/enthusiast who independently of the hardware manufacturer might end up developing and commiting a driver upstream.

Having the lsusb command output (can you post it here please with the device plugged in), could help more experienced Linux users on these forums help you, as it would identify the device in more technical terms - these more experienced Linux users could peruse around the internet looking for a more modern driver, and they might end up helping you in the end.

Bus 001 Device 003: ID 1d5c:2000 Fresco Logic FL2000/FL2000DX VGA/DVI/HDMI Adapter

Hmmm, interesting: AUR (en) - fl2000-dkms

Someone got it too compile in 2021, using dkms on arch

Find your kernel source tree, and edit src/Makefile . Locate the following line:

KERNEL_PATH = /usr/src/linux-headers-4.4.0-72-generic`

Modify this line so that it points to the correct source tree.
After that, run make to create fl2000.ko and run insmod fl2000.ko to load the driver.

so make the edit to the kernal path
cd to the git folder you downloaded.
type make
and it should make the required files.
ls -la to see what there permissions are and chmod +x the .ko files. if needed

In the sample folder, run make to create fltest . If you you are using a cross compiler to build the binary for specific platforms, you need to specify that specific compiler in src/Makefile .

Run ./fltest 0 as superuser to run the test.

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