Linux no sound or wifi

Hello all its been a while since I've posted a thread but I seams I have run into a problem with my Linux laptop. I just took a trip to Japan and brought my laptop along and it worked wonderfully except for the time being off everything ran great. But when I got back I am no longer able to connect to my wifi and my sound is intermittent. I was wondering if there might be something I need to adjust since I came back to the states for instance the repos need to be re synced or something along those lines. I'm not against re installing my operating system I would just like to avoid that if at all possible any help would be greatly appreciated.
here are my specs

Toshiba Satellite P75-A7200
Linux Mint 17.2 64 bit

Go ahead and update to mint 17.3 and see if that does not fix your issues.

wouldn't there be an issue with the time? I know it sound crazy but internet time and the one in Bios being different could cause an issue...

I would try a Windows Boot disk and determine if it is a software or hardware problem. I hope Murphy is wrong on this.

All right I did an upgrade to Linux mint 17.3 seams to have gone off without a hitch. My wifi seams to have started working agine though it began to work on mint 17.2 after a lot of reboots so there may have been some glitchyness there. As for my audio well I don't get the enitial start up sound but my sound seems to work in my web browser and I installed vlc just to test sound in a different video player and it seems to work there so my audio may be having issues with my video player and my music player mpv and deadbeef so I'm going to try reinstalling them and seeing if that fixes it.

Well I'm very confused I have now tried both vlc and Audacious for video and audio and they work perfectly fine. But when I use mpv or deadbeef I get no audio I get video in mpv but no audio. But when I go to my gaming pc which is running Linux Mint 17.2 and play a video in mpv or music in deadbeef I have no issues.

uninstall and reinstall

yup that's going to be my plan in a bit although I will have to say that going to suck if every time I leave the country I'm going to have to re install my os when I get back.