Linux News #4

Linux and Free Software News #4


In This Weeks News

So admittedly this is a short and quick, and I've not been able to keep up the past couple of weeks with other commitments. So feel free to discuss your news too!

A few notable things recently.

Fedora 25 released

Fedora 25 is out. Yay!

I've been running the alpha, beta, and now final release, and this is the best yet (i think ill be saying that about every release).

F25 brings a lot of refinements and one major change, wayland.

Wayland will bring a lot of improvements, but its definitely worth keeping in mind, it will also bring some frustration for a little while as with any new technology.

I've had few issues with wayland, except some weird pointer issues on occasion, but it works well, and seems to keep improving.

No more redshift with wayland? Think again.

On the subject of wayland.

If you miss things like redshift / f.lux well, gnome has that on wayland, and its available in Fedora 25 in a copr

Canonical taking action against modified "Ubuntu" builds

Canonical are now taking action against (currently one) companies providing services that offer the use of Ubuntu where they have made changes leaving Ubuntu systems insecure or broken.

This really comes down to the name Ubuntu more than anything else, and that people may not be getting Ubuntu but some uncontrolled modified version.

We are currently in dispute with a European cloud provider which has breached its contract and is publishing insecure, broken images of Ubuntu despite many months of coaxing to do it properly. The home-grown images on the cloud, VPS and bare metal services of this provider disable fundamental security mechanisms and modify the system in ways that are unsupportable. They are likely to behave unpredictably on update in weirdly creative and mysterious ways (the internet is full of fun examples). We hear about these issues all the time, because users assume there is a problem with Ubuntu on that cloud; users expect that ‘all things that claim to be Ubuntu are genuine’, and they have a right to expect that.

We have spent many months of back and forth in which we unsuccessfully tried to establish the same operational framework on this cloud that already exists on tens of clouds around the world. We have on multiple occasions been promised it will be rectified to no avail.

We are now ready to take legal steps to remove these images. We will seek to avoid affecting existing running users, but we must act to prevent future users from being misled.

QEMU Christmas Advent Calendar

A new disk image every day. It's a good bit of fun.

Humble UNIX Book Bundle

There are up to 15 unix/linux related oriely books available up to a $15 unlock.

There well worth it as a reference, and if your learning any of the tools and things they talk about.


Here are a couple of new guides from @SgtAwesomesauce which are definitely worth a read.


Mageia 5.1 has been released


Also Mint 18.1 beta is released. The full version should be out in a couple of weeks or sth.

On the topic of releases, Devuan beta 2 was released:

This is the first official Devuan presentation, at FSCONS 2016 from 11th November:

Fedora's Awesomeness is really on FIRE! Every time they release its just pure gold..and i remember them from the old days where every release was a gamble what is broken this time and now its like "wow they did this they got that perfect" and "damn i never though that this would works soo wel this way". XD