Linux Mint

Hello guys!!
Gonna reinstall windows and linux again(dualboot). Have been runing linux mint since last october?! or something litke that.
Thanks to logan & wendells start using linux campaign and Linux mint was good for newcomers!
I really like Mint, starting to love it. but now iam wondering if i should make the step to install ubuntu instead. See if i can grove as a human!
Need some inputs and support. Should i make the switch? If so, why?
I know this is a weird question..

Sorry to take up space in the forums! :P
Best regards Tomas!

IMHO stay with Mint.
I started off with Ubuntu but didn't really like the Unity desktop and found Mint Cinnamon so much nicer. As Mint is Ubuntu based anyway you're only really changing the desktop as the CLI is the same and both use the same package manager.

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its probebly a bit of a bad rating system, but on distrowatch mint is on number one at the moment, but stick to what you like.

+1 unless the OP wants to try a RPM or Arch based distro the differences are just too small to warrant a change.

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Okey thanks guys!
So maybe ill just stick to mint then, try kde & mate out instead..

You said the "differences are just too small to warrant a change" but i feel its the other way arround with Arch at this point.
For me i mean, take on arch when i got some more skills! hehe


arch is realy a choose your own adventure the operating system
if you realy know what you want and dont want and optimize like that tne you go for arch
if you wanna experiment with arch based stuff i recomend going for somthing like Antergos, Manjaro or Apricity depending on what ui you favor more (have only experiance with Antergos myself, tread at own risk)

the debian based things like ubuntu and mint seem to be more in favor though so fixing problems is way easyer to find.
but you fiddle with mint to if you like and make it look how you want

My €0.02; don't get into arch without having some serious CLI experience and seeing if you can understand the documentation on the frankly fantastic but not very noob-friendly, arch wikis.
Elseway, if you want, you can even install unity desktop on mint. (you don't want)
Or any other DE, that is why I love Linux and really don't care what distro I am on, I just install MATE and i3 and rock on!

Oh god not antegros. I have never gotten that to work. Manjaro is a definite yes but it would be easy to just learn arch.

I think you should stick to Linux Mint because it can access the Debian repository so you can install basically anything you want :D

Mint and Ubuntu are sorta kinda the same thing.


Manjaro? I have never gotten that to work. but arch would be way harder to even get installed.

Not really. open CFDisk, set your partiions, mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1
mkswap /dev/sda2
mount stuff, pacstrap, chroot, configure, install anything you want, reboot, arch. Takes 20 minutes its like baking a cake.

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antegros just has a live cd/usb and you install from there XD

It never installs for me. It has killed MBR before too so I had to redo my whole system.

I despise antergos.

I'd say try out Ubuntu and the like if you feel like getting your feet wet with a different desktop environment (like Unity or Gnome 3). Otherwise, if you like the desktop you've got now, I don't see any big reason to switch to Ubuntu itself.

What issues did you have with Antergos?

edit: I just saw your reply from earlier. I'm not sure you should blame the distro for this? Unless it's a bug. Did you report it?

I reported multiple bugs. Everything related had to do with the installer and how it was put together. If it's better now good for them but as far as I am concerned Antergos is managed by monkeys and Arch should be installed as it is known to be.

try installing arch, its a good challenge for you to take up and also you get the choice of choosing your desktop environment


IDK about you, but I have always been able to install antegros just fine.

But now I am curious if I can recreate these bugs. Can you explain what they are?

WHen I run the antergos live CD installer on my machine it will throw some weird errors. Some are simple: Swap was not found after creation / not created / corrupted (not sure what that even means), GRUB not installed correctly, and the install just failing in general. The weirder ones are: FS was not recognised (I use XFS but I was willing to use EXT4 and even doing the default install path didn't do anything better) SDA1 not found during install, and there was one more that I didn't really pay attention to.

Part of it makes me think it was the hardware I have but I have tried installing on other hardware and got basically the same list. I'm just not going to bother with it anymore.