Linux Mint - Teething Problems

Hi Guys,

I've just installed Linux Mint as the title says and I'm having a few issues out of the hatch I'd like to solve.

First off, why is the Caps lock button so slow to respond, I'm one of the people who will tap caps lock twice for a single capital letter instead of holding space, and without solving this I have to keep correcting myself. For example the next sentance is written without correcting myself. HOw THe Hell Are We All Doing TOday?

The second problem, how come my GPU fan is sitting on full speed all the time, it's rather noisy. I've got the drivers installed and I've rebooted my system but its still sat up there. GTX 670 by MSI, Twin Frozr edition.



The only time I've ever had my GPU fan on so loud on Linux Mint is when I was open source drivers with my 4650m, but that was because the open source drivers lack power management, so my GPU was always running at full speed, thus abnormally warm, thus loud fan.

I did a quick search, and came up with this:

As for the caps lock issue, I have no idea. Which version of Mint are you using? I know Cinnamon has known issue for slow UI response times, particularely with the Mint Menu. I'm wonder if there is a connection. Otherwise, it sounds like a hardware problem, if not user error.

Also, you could try posting your issue in either the Linux Forums, or the Ubuntu Forums (Mint uses the Ubuntu base, and support is often interchangable)