Linux Mint Crash

Hi guys I am using Linux Mint on my desktop. I used a command that I cannot remember that after typed I could click on any window and kill the process. After I did this I had to restart my computer because I could not open another instance of that program I closed. When I restarted the computer I cannot get cinnamon to run, it just crashes every time I restart it. I have tried using other user accounts and restarting my pc. It just goes into fallback mode.

Id start with reinstalling cinnamon or another de and see if that works.
If it still crashes change to another tty (alt-fx), login and 'startx' then check the error log

I tried reinstalling cinnamon but nothing, I tried reinstalling nvidia drivers but nothing.

did you try pressing up on the arrow key to see what command you used in BASH?


it was xkill

When I try to restart cinnamon for a moment my deskotp picture pops back up but then goes black.

Some bios's have a hd check utility. I am assuming you used xkill cause something froze. xkill is a fairly straightforward command so maybe what caused the problem in the first place is still causing problems.
If not do you have a startup disk just to check the HD?

Like the install disk?

yea. you should be able to run it off the dvd.

After I installed lightdm it now gets stuck on the Linux Mint logo and will not boot.

Now I am stuck in the terminal in recovery mode.

At this point, I would reinstall the entire operating system. Boot into the livecd, copy your /home/username directory to another drive, reinstall mint, copy your home directory back.

You'll have all your files and user preferences the way you had them previously.

See if pressing esc shows the terminal, check for errors

fsck > dpkg, any better?

Well guys I tried all of that and I gave up and just got my files with a flashdrive and got a new copy of mint and installed over it. My new problem is that I need a new key now for my teamspeak client and I cannot login into TS3 with telnet because when I get into the server and type login serveradmin (password) it just says error id=0 msg=ok?