Linux Mint 18 - What I think's driver issues

[I am still newbie, when it comes to linux & my break i had from it didn't help at all :p]

So I've been running LM 17.3 for a year or so and when LM 18 beta got released I started to use it right away! Everything was working fine.
Before LM 18 got released, I used w 10 for almost a year, but then finally i switch back to LM 18(I am not talking about the beta) again, a couple of months ago.
And know, everything is not working well!

Playing sound(video or what ever) in one tab, changing to a nother tab and start to play some music there will crash the sound a bit... But I did notic that I could wait it out! Just pause what ever I was listening to & then continue listen to it again.

How ever that's not the bad part!
The major problem is, that my Internet is working good, but sometimes it just stops working, so I need to disable my network (in the tray) and enable it again(restart it) and then it just works again, straight away!
This happens, annoyingly often!

(Iam talking about my gpus sound(via hdmi) and my mobo's on board network card!)

Amd 8350
7950 OC
Motherboard(edit): asus sabertooth 990fx r2.0

PS; As I've understood it, amd has stopped making drivers for linux? Which s*** monkey b*** and in my ears, sunds like a weird decision, if it's true?
EDIT So we need to rely on open source drivers now? Not like that have to be a bad thing, just curious. I understand that this is a subject/thread on its on & I can't really grasp it hehe

DS my integrated wiffi card works great!

Best regards!

Its not true.

your card is supported only on the opensource driver now. Catalyst is dead. Mint 17.3 was able to run catalyst as an option in the driver menu but now with 18 it is gone as AMD dropped it.

18 is still technically able to run catalyst ( as badly as ever, so don't bother ) but you will have to dig up the catalyst driver from somewhere. Much better is to use the open source driver.

for the latest open source AMD drivers you might want to add either of these PPA's:




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Aha okay, I think I've miss understood a lot here hehe
But I'll check that out to morrow for sure, because I am on my phone writing this..
Anyways thanks!

Maybe you can clear up something for me while we are on the subject, I am quite sure I am running on a propetarien driver now. Is that meaning, a general driver made by "linux"(Ubuntu in this case?)?
I think, I thought that the propetarien driver was written by amd some how hehe

Quote: "your card is supported only on the opensource"
That was the thing I thought was bad/sad, that amd just leaved it to the community (open sourced it).
In the end, it might be better? But I got a bad feeling from it..
So let's see if i got this right, this means the latest cards got driver support from amd?

Thanks again!

AMD have paid developers developing the drivers as well.

That said, your issues dont suggest an issue with AMD, CPU (there are no drivers for CPUs) or GPU (why would anyone think this?)

Can you run

lspci | grep "Network controller"


lscpi | grep Audio
dmesg | grep -i audio

And post the results.

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Hello @Eden , i will do that tomorrow (I am on my phone atm) and post the results!

I don't belive I said anything about cpu's?
(Sorry if I misunderstood something here due to my english)

I think I was a bit unclear, i should have said, the sound "bugg" i get is while using my screens speakers through my gpu's mini Hdmi...

But now I got your point! Haha
I feel so ashamed! Haha I forgot that my MOBO isn't from amd, it's made by asus got dang it!

Could be the issue then.

I think I made that dumb connection, because the problems starting at the same time, from the beginning with LM 18.

Anyways, thanks for the help guys @Eden @anon97550313 ! I'll get on it tomorrow and try out the things you have said.


Since you have an AMD gpu, i think that i could also recommend to look at a diffrent linux distro.
I think that a rolling release distro with a newer kernel that has proper AMD gpu support might work much better for you.
Maybe an Arch based distro, or something like Fedora 25.
If you want to stay with Ubuntu based then one of the 16.10 releases.

On the otherhand you could also go and try to install one of the open source drivers in LM18 as suggested by @anon97550313 above.