Linux Mint 17.2 (Working Windows Games) Using POL

Hi Tek Syndicate

Made some videos on how to get some of the most played games working FLUENTLY, meaning 100+ FPS game-play!

Also Showing settings used, to achieve non-lagging, hassle-free gameplay.

Running Linux Mint 17.2 using PlayOnLinux. (available in the Software Manager)

Or with Terminal Command: sudo apt-get install playonlinux

Add The Noobslab PPA, to update to latest version of PlayOnLinux 4.2.8 (ONLY do this if you really need the latest version, for some reason. Otherwise it is NOT recommended!

(If its not broke, DO NOT FIX IT)

Terminal Command: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/apps

Then run the Terminal Command:

sudo apt-get update

You now have the latest version of POL.

Drivers used in the videos are: Version 346.82 (Proprietary) (Available from the Driver Manager in Linux Mint)

NOTE: Everyting In Nvidia X-Server > OpenGL Settings > Is Turned OFF and Image Settings set to High Performance.

120-144Hz Can be set in Nvidia X Server Settings > X Server Display Configuration > Resolution. Set this to your preffered resolution, (Default is AUTO) after setting it, you can now apply 120-144Hz.

GPU used in these videoes was a gtx 970. (Reasoning for the Nvidia GPU pick, was the superior driver support at that time.

I may make AMD Videos on the topic aswell, (In the future)

Note: If you have any request for games, using a Nvidia GPU, you can pm me, and i´ll look into it

Now time for some gaming.

Path Of Exile:


League Of Legends:

Update! Added 3 new games.

StarCraft II:

Diablo III:

Heroes Of The Storm:

World Of Warcraft:

Gl & Hf !


how about flatout 2? I remember having to do something with winetricks to get it working but I can't remember what I used
nice background crap theme though nice music

This has the answer to my question.

How about Red Alert 3 and C&C Generals?

Hi, the game is available on and i would definetly recommend supporting GoG



Did you try the recommended Wine version 1.4.1 ?

PlayOnLinux has all 3 games supported under the Games tab

I don't have the gog version I have a torrent version.
I will certainly get the gog version later but for now its' the torrent version.

Its listed under the Games tab on PlayOnLinux, did you try installing it using that?

What´s good about PlayOnLinux is that most of the times it finds the appropriate Wine version to install and play the game with

this version is in a post-install state and pol wants a pre-installed state.
it's a thing

It seems bash only stores up to 500 commands in history
Can I tell it to do unlimited? If yes how?

I would recommend getting a pre-installed state, no need to make it harder then it is

I do not know the answer to that question, sorry.

Just want to make gaming as simple as possible, using POL as the installer.

Reasoning behind that, is that if i want to make an impact on the linux gaming community, i might aswell make it as simple, as possible, so more people can use Linux for gaming

Can we have a mod @wendell halp! delete the last few off topic comments as I think I found the answer here


3 new games added.



Added World Of Warcraft

LOL WORKS ON LINUX ???? :OOOOOOO looks like im making the switch to linux today no excuses anymore


It works fluenty, with everything on "Ultra" on this machine. (Nvidia Graphics)


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hmm D3 huh, I'll have to check that out tonight.

Not sure how well linux drivers will work on my ati HD 5870 it's pretty old but I'm gonna see how it works, thanks for making this post @Bruger and putting this info out there, I probably wouldn't have known LOL worked on linux and not made the switch without this post :)

Older Hardware tends to have better support, but also less performance

I got myself an Nvidia card, cause it had better support at that time. (About 1yr ago? Dont, remember exact date.

Games should still be playable on AMD graphics aswell. You may have to "tinker" a bit, with like GLSL support and maybe other settings, but it is indeed do-able.

As long as the Wine version stays the same (Lesser chance of breaking)

Very interessting thread to follow thanks.

How about NeverWinter ? The MMO that is. That is one of the games that I still have to have Windows to play.