Linux mint 17.2 low audio

... I've been trying to fix this but, I cant figure it out on my own. The audio when set at 100 is barely audible if anyone knows how to fix this I'd welcome the help.

Are you sure its a problem with software? Do you have a sound card, or an integrated one on your motherboard?

I'm using integrated

Is this a fresh install? What are you using as speakers?

not a fresh install and some old logitech speakers I've had since 2007

I'm fairly certain it's software as windows doesn't have the same problem

Does the audio level change at all when you change the software OR the hardware speaker level?

both will change the output level but neither will become more
than wisper

Hmmm... interesting. Well, off the top of my head I don't have an answer for you. Granted, I'm not a master at Linux. I'll have to think on that for a while.

still thank you for your help

I too have 17.2 and have noticed lower audio levels than with windows. Luckily I have my setupp to an amp so audio can always be increased. It is definitely software related.

You can increase audio over 100 percent in the settings. Have you tried that?

Go into terminal and open alsamixer, then check that your master volume is set at max.

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I had a similar issue when i installed mint, although my problem was related to soundcard drivers(Sufficient to say it was a journey through hell for me as a linux noob), But google some stuff regarding Alsa also linux audio in general, for me the Linux mint irc was very helpfull and i am very greatfull for all the help they gave me! Good luck and i hope you figure it out!

I did try that and it is set at max

I've been trying to solve this for a while before I sought the wisdom of the forums.

I have a Xonar DX Corsair 2.1 combo with the same issue, have yet to really brake ground yet but will post outcome when I figure it out

this worked for me, thz man
p.s. its the arrow keys to change settings

I did try that didn't work for me o well ... guess I'll boot into windows.

Hurray the audio issue resolved itself I did literally nothing other than boot into linux normally and had the mint start up sound scare the shit outa me.