Linux Laptop with eGPU on Thunderbird and GPU Passthrou?


I would like to buy a new portable Laptop. It should basically run wit h a Linux OS. At home I would like to use a eGPU Box with an external GPU, USB Hub and Lan Port as “Docking” for my Screen, Network and periferals. To top that I would like to run a Windows VM on kvm qemu with passing through the eGPU for gaming.

So, is there any chance, that:

  1. a eGPU on a thunderbolt type C connection works with Linux?
  2. this eGPU could be passed though to a Windows VM?

I have a similar Setup with a Desktop PC. There it runs with the GPU Passthrough.

I would like to buy the Tuxedo Infinitybook Pro 3 v3 with the i7 8550U CPU to do that. But I am very open to other Laptops.

Ahh, by the way, i want that, because i live during the week close to my work and on weekends at home. I am fed up with managing two systems for gaming at weekend and for working during the week.

I am looking forward to a fine discussion with nice hints and real knowledge :slight_smile: