Linux Kiosk - Need suggestions

I'm looking to get a Linux based Kiosk setup at work. Problem is it needs to be dead simple, like drag'n'drop files to a directory and a program reads them and displays either by a web browser or a built in program. Does anyone know of such a program/distro? I've done some Googling but I haven't turned anything up yet.

What EXACTLY are you trying to do.

It seems like any distro will do what you want which is why I am kind of confused.

Have a share IE //serverbox/kiosk files
Kiosk pulls files from share
loads files via a web browser

So what you really want is chromium or Firefox I'm kiosk mode.

Chromium has it built in, Firefox has a plugin.

I'll look into that, thank you.

Nope that doesn't work for what I'm after. Unless I'm missing something. Guess I'll make my own program.

Thanks everyone.

Im not sure what your after then.. the actual "kiosk" side it just a browser, they do that already. You just need to point it at your share.

What doesnt it provide?

I want a series of files to be presented in a slide show. spread sheets, powerpoints, jpegs, etc.

Do you want them to be opened as they are presented? Just show the files? In browser? In native applications?

Present the files in a browser. Sorry I'm not giving you the information you need.

I'll try to explain what I'm after.
Some sort of client that grabs files from a windows share (jpegs, spreadsheets, word docs, powerpoints, etc) and display them either with a program or VIA a web browser. It will then rotate through the files in a predetermined time, IE 15-20 seconds a "slide". The system would update it's self when a file is removed or included in the directory.

Is that a better explanation? Again I'm sorry I was unclear so many times.