Linux ISOs and the AMD 7950X

So far I’ve downloaded the ISO images for Fedora Workstation (36 and the 37-beta), Ubuntu 21.10, and Pop-OS-22.04. None of these will boot into even their install environments. What distro are you all running and have working with the AMD 7950X? I’m using an ASUS ProART X670-E as well. Only Windows 11 has installed for me so far.

To answer my own question, the Ubuntu 22.10-beta works and installs. The Pop_OS will install, but will not boot up crashing at the activation of the display manager.

Using the igpu? Pop a GPU in there and install and let it get it’s updates and firmware. Then it’ll work. Fedora or Manjaro are easy choices and well tested with kernel 6

The installer might be a bit sketch with the igpu. Fedora does have a text mode installer that’d work but maybe easier to dgpu it

I had no trouble getting any of these installers to work if you press ‘e’ to edit the boot entry and add ‘nomodeset’ to the linux command line. This will basically be safe graphics mode, and you need to change your grub config after you’re installed and latest kernel/firmware are installed, but this will get you installed with a graphical installer in my experience. (I’m on 7900x + asrock steel series)


Don’t have the option of a dGPU right now. Waiting for the 4090 to ship to stores.

Thank you @akula, that’s very helpful. I’ll try that next time!

Throwing in another option, in case this is still an issue, a headless install.
… assuming the kernel doesn’t hang.

For example, you can pass script=http://foo/ to Arch iso and this script can start an ssh server and download a public key. You can then remote into it from a more comfortable second computer to install things (incl. other distributions).

In my case, I have it set up to join Tailscale with a special auth key, and the special auth key will automatically cause the host to get a tag that allows me to SSH in, but does not allow the host to do other random stuff on my tailnet.