[linux]Is AMDGPU-PRO needed for WX series cards?

So I just picked up a WX4100, mainly for its size.

I installed it into my rig, disabled the NVIDIA driver and it happily booted up. While I was testing out some rocket league I noticed some graphical corruption on the skybox.

I have seen my fair share of artifacting GPU’s and I was confident this was a software issue, so I took the error as sign I needed to install the amdgpu-pro stack as provided by the AUR (:arch:)

Installed and rebooted, the glitches were gone, win!

Problem is game compatibility is crap, and the pro driver is SLOWWWW*!

Is there any reasonable way of running a WX card without graphical glitches on the mainline GL implementation? Or at least is there some hybrid solution I can use to restore some app compatibility.


*It is nice having working antialiasing again, and I swear HDR has turned on but I have no way of mesuring that.

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