Linux install via windows 8

so I've created a UEFI bootable USB, i've disabled secure boot and fast boot and still no boot (i've been able to boot ubuntu but I suspect this is because ubuntu has bought into the whole uefi windows 8 boot thing which fedora did aswell but i'm trying to load kali.) any other ideas? should I enable the launch CSM? if so what settings?

also i'm using the 32bit version because the 64bit version I downloaded had a bunch of broken files could this be an issue?

last question unlikely

first paragraph I had a similar problem with my sisters laptop which came with windows hate. I had to hard shut down the computer or it would boot straight to 8 no inbetween and then i saw a bios splash and was able to wank on the setup key and get into boot order screen. That was even AFTER i had installed ubuntu. Also 32 bit.

I had no trouble with ubuntu but kali seems like it just wants to fuck with me

I've had mixed luck using a method I found on the Ubuntu Forums when I was trying to repurpose some old mac boxes. I don't know if that experience is stricktly applicable here, though. I made the usb keys with the method below. I also found that I had to use the LILO bootloader instead of GRUB on some machines.

  1. Format a USB drive to provide a single FAT32 partition featuring MBR.
  2. Create the following directories on your USB drive: /efi and /efi/boot
  3. Copy the bootX64.efi from “ISO-2-USB EFI-Booter for Mac 0.01 beta” into /efi/boot on your USB Drive.
  4. Copy the image into /efi/boot/ on the USB Drive, too and rename it to “boot.iso”.
  5. You should have 2 files on your USB drive now: bootX64.efi and boot.iso – both in /efi/boot.
  6. You’re ready to reboot: During the startup of your Mac hold Alt/Option. You should see “EFI Boot” which has a nice little USB Drive Symbol on it in the appearing boot menu. Boot from your USB Drive by clicking on the little arrow below it.

do you think that would translate over to windows 8?

I had the same issue with a new laptop that came with Windows 8.

- disable secure boot as you did

- partitioned the drive as usual

- installed ubuntu as usual

- booted from the cd (the try it option)

- downloaded and ran Boot-Repair (

- restarted and it work like a charm



Hello all Im a brand new guy to the forum.  Love the Tek keep it coming.


to install ubuntu? i've done that i have no problem with ubuntu i'm trying to install kali

Sorry for the very late reply.  The issue isn't the flavor of linux you are using.  Its GRUB that its not playing well with.  What I posted earlier will remove GRUB and install a new shiney version that UEFI likes to play with.