Linux install for GL702C Ryzen

Hi guys,

I am planning on getting the Asus GL702C Ryzen laptop. However I would love to run virtual machines or atleast run Ubuntu on it.
Does any body have any prior experience with it ? Does it work well with Ubuntu or virtualization etc

It should be a fine system for virtualization and Linux.

I’ve got similar hardware on a desktop (1700, rx580) and it’s treating me well.

I don’t have any experience with that laptop in particular, but its probably running a b350 or a320 chipset with not a whole lot of trickery.

I’ve been using this laptop for a while and it’s totally solid. However you do need to use a kernel .config that I made for it for the touchpad to function properly. The repository is a little out of date but :

I’ll try to remember to update it with the version I run now (4.17-rc3)

EDIT: You absolutely must update the BIOS to the 303 version though. It took a bit of nagging at Asus to get SVM support enabled in the BIOS.