Linux immersion

In the Inbox Episode 44 you answer the question about careers, and Wendell mentions running Linux and immersing yourself with it. I'm not looking for a career but obtaining knowledge interests me, so how does one "immerse" themselves with Linux? My experience with Linux has been making a home FTP server using a tutorial. What Linux distro should I run to immerse my self? What should I already know if I want to immerse myself?

Sorry for the number of times I used the word immerse and thank you in advance for a response,


First thing first. Linux is just the kernel. 

Basically, setup linux and do actual stuff with it. Want to still run windows and game? set up onboard + graphics or two graphics cards and use VT-d to pass through a physical graphics adapter to your windows virtual machine and game that way. Use email, web surfing, etc actually on linux. Try gnome and xfce and other window managers. try one of the more exotic window managers that uses keyboard based window placement



the best way i found to do this was if you have an old laptop you can run around with (i take my to college classes) then use linux on it. that way you are using it for "work". i use linux mint, its ubuntu based and i find it enjoyable. i like the cinnamon interface. but there are many others.