Linux Hump: GTX 1060m and boot

Of course I’d have this issue.

Tried to install antergos. Unless I specifically chose the LTS opnion it wouldn’t post. Just black screen. Then I tried to use Pop_OS because it has all that stuff set up in an image! Nope.

Now with pop in the machine it’ll boot to themsetup screen and just freeze. Idk if its gnome freezing or the system halting, but I can’t get to tty after in freezes.

What do?

Never mind? I just reinstalled and it looks like its fine. Fluke?

Secure boot, kernel module signatures etc…?

Yup secure boot off, kern mods were setup, I think its ok now but I’m doing some chores atm so I’ll post if its good or not later.

Its a good idea to use the nomodeset kernel boot option when using nvidia. Most boot issues with nvidia can be fixed that way.