Linux Hosted intranet

Hi All,

I’m a part of an organisation that is using sharepoint to host an intranet that has file sharing, e-learning, individual profiles with own permissions etc, ability to nominate for activities setup that are advertised to certain scopes, and is connected to a domain.

My question is if I wanted to sort of mirror the functionality and host it purely on linux what would be the best way to do it? Is it even possible?

There might not be a one-box solution. What I’m currently testing to replace some of Sharepoints use cases & features is this:

It can be self-hosted for free, modules are mostly pay-one (about 50 bucks for a meeting pugin… so wayyyyyy cheaper than Sharepoint even if many are purchased). For files I’d use Nextcloud. For e-learning Moodle or many similar ones. FOSS all the way.

I hope this was somewhat helpful