Linux help/advice

I have a GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard and have previously tried ubuntu 13.04 and discovered that my usb ports didn't work, so i had to swap my keyboard and mouse to set it up but usb still didn't work and the system was unstable and slow so i gave up.

I want to know what distro i should use and that is best for a person with limited Linux knowledge and would like to run wine.

 Aslo should i run a virtual box to see if i like linux more and/or permanently use it?


...Running windows 8 64 bit...



16 gb ram

GTX 650ti 2gb

5TB of assorted hard drives (no SSDs sadly)

(yeah i know weird right)

You could always try Ubuntu 12.10, in my expirience it's more stable than 13.04. Or try something like mint or Fedora.