Linux HDD Windows SSD

Would it be a problem if I have linux installed on a seprate harddrive and have windows 10 on another harddrive?

Because I really do not want to **** up my windows harddrive while i'm using linux on another. Btw is it a really good idea to do this by basically changing the boot directory in the bios when i'm wanting to boot from the linux harddrive and when I'm wanting to switch to the windows harddrive I reboot my pc and switch the boot directory to my windows harddrive. Or is all this a bit redundant?

Yes you can, however when installing Linux just unplug the SATA connector from the Windows Hard drive just to be safe.

People sometimes don't know what they are doing, and then format the wrong hard drive and blame Microsoft like it wasn't their fault.

Sweet! :)
lol, it's just too easy to blame M$ for bad things nowadays :P

thx for the help btw

It might be annoying though. I've had to hit F12 on my machine to get to linux or windows separately but I also don't know how to set grub up for that.

If nothing else, take 20 GB on your SSD and set that as the root for your installation and set the hard drive you were going to use for linux and set that as /home. Very easy to do and only takes a minute to learn.

just need to run update-grub with both drives connected to update grub for windows and linux.

Oh.. Well I'd still do the staggered system. That way linux boots instantly. Plus if you use XFS all of your files and progs load just as fast :P

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yeah. both systems on separate drives is a good option.

I'm also known to overcomplicate things in experimentation :P I just like seeing what's most effecient and what works best for what not system.

Yes, you can do that, what you can also do is, install windows on an SSD and Linux on a HDD (like you mentioned) and install a bootloader (preferably GRUB) on the drive you have set to boot from in your BIOS, so when you try to boot from that drive, grub will offer you to boot linux or windows even if there are on different drives.