Linux gaming?

Hi Peoples of the internet,
I am looking for suggestions to play games on Linux, I recently just made the switch, as many of you know due to my topics lol. I am looking for 1 racing game, FPS, and maybe a strategy game . I am not looking to virtualize windows just yet. because i am trying to break windows Stockholm syndrome LOL. any help would be appreciated it.


Insurgency for the FPS is my go to


For shooters: CS:GO, Biochock Infinite, all the Half Life games (including Black Mesa).

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Dirt Rally and F1 2015 (?) for racing. You also have Euro truck Simulator 2 and American truck simulator if you are into that.

Take a look at Day of Infamy for fps. You also have almost all Borderland games.

Strategy? CivV and CivVI!

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Team Fortress 2
Metro 2033 Redux
Killing Floor
Shadow Warrior(2013)

DiRT Rally

Hearts of Iron IV
Europa Universalis IV
Total War Shogun 2
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II
Sid Meier’s Civilization V
Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI - didn’t play yet but it is probably cool too :slight_smile:






So looking at the suggestions i am pretty sure i am going to go with dirt Rally and X-Com looks more up my ally now for the final thoughts on FPS.

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What kind of FPS games do you like? Also you can run wine for certain games.

@mutation666 I am not much of a gamer so i like a well rounded genre to go back to. primarily a solo player so with that being said when i used to actually game a lot i used to like things like call of duty zombies or any horde multi-player game i could join. So I enjoy games with a lot of re playability…

Payday2 is a good option then. For single player I always recommend shadow warrior. Also killing floor is prob pretty good option. I haven’t personally played it but you would probably like it.


Deus Ex Mankind Divided
Serious Sam with the Fusion 2017 update
System Shock 2
Any DOOM engine game. You can play them with gzdoom open source engine for linux.



SP/Campain ?

I mean they are not MP ok serious sam is all over the place. Deus ex game is a Singleplayer/Campain/Story

Heres my steam list of games.

Though thats not my limit. I play league, WoW, Hearthstone, working on overwatch working (it does work, I just don’t know what I am getting wrong), and like 90% of my windows game list.

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There is a game i did enjoy on windows if i could get it to work on wine i would give it a shot @FaunCB i am new to Linux but do you think northgard would work?

idk probably

You can search for games tested on Wine here (the URL is for the Northgard page);

Alternatively, I recommend looking on to see if anyone made an install script for it. If someone bothered to make a script if probably works.


it is on lutris as part of there games list does it install wine automatically or how does that work im not familiar with this platform.

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just looked on steam it looks like the developers are open source fans,obviously for right now they will be focusing on windows and osx but They will be deploying the game in the future to linux so +1 for linux.