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Hello people of the internets,
I am curious to find out everyones thoughts on steam for linux and there favorite ported game?

Steam is fine on most distros. It gets shaky on distros like OpenSUSE and Fedora that are focused more on open/free software exclusively. Despite the strange libraries they use back from Ubuntu 12.04, it's usually 'okay'.

I just finished and very much enjoyed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which was released for Linux on Thursday. OpenGL flexing it's muscles there a bit. When I just need a game to play for a half hour here and there, Insurgency and Rocket League is fun.

Lot's of great games. My only wish is the Dark Souls series, but that probably won't happen, haha.


Well I have 1200 hours in ARK so something is working right.

I got into Dota 2 now on Linux and it runs better than it did on Windows 10. Civ 5 is good on linux too.

Does fine. Until AMDGPU happens for my 370 I can't use linux for gaming but I love it regardless.

Indeed PM any of us if you need help!

Tons of games from Borderlands to CSGO, everything works well for me on a Ubuntu based system, pm me if you need any help with anything!

This isn't really true. (maybe a year ago yeah), steam works ootb on Fedora, more so, it actually packages it properly so there's no deleting libraries or anything like that to get it working like some other distros.

Gaming in Linux is getting pretty great, there's been some great ports recently, and some great releases as well. (its not all ports!)

The game im playing right now is The Long Dark, on the open AMGPU drivers on a RX 480.


I think its working out pretty nicely, I think we should start trying to get companies to port more of their games over to linux like what Rocket League did

I run Ubuntu w/ Gnome

You're probably right. Maybe my gripes should be on drivers more, but those have improved as well.

Call me a casual but if there isn't a port for it on Linux then I just play it on the Xbone, as there are very few games that I really want to play that aren't able to ran through Wine.

So far, steam for linux has worked well for me. Favorite game is probably Brutal Legend, but that happens to simply be my favorite game. All the other Double Fine games are nice to have in there as well.

Thank you guys for the insight, I will definitely be making the switch soon.

I just have to figure out which flavor to go with and make sure my Nvidia will be acceptable. I noticed a lot of you seem to run AMD. -( This will be a topic for a different thread )

For sure thank you for the offer, Both of you

Get Firewatch when it is cheap. It is a bit short but it is beautiful.

I just learned that I won't play my copy of alien isolation because I am on team red. I thought there were APIs and shit but what do I know? ....

Limbo, Bastion, Transistor, Hyperlight Drifter, Broken Age, The Cave, DOTT, Killing Floor, pretty much everything Half-Life one and two, Counter-Strike and Portal one and two, DiRT Showdown, GRID Autosport, Penumbra, Soma, the Trine series, Tomb Raider, The Witcher 2, the X-COM games.... there is a lot to choose from.

Nvidias proprietary drivers work quite well. I run a 970 currently. I think AMD runs better on newer kernels but I'll let someone else speak to that. There is a good chance I'll be switching to AMD once zen and vega hit the market.

For the moment, you would be far better off with Nvidia.

However it wont be long before the AMD kernel driver will become mature enough to give the nvidia driver a real run for its money.

Nvidia is pretty bullet proof on all the supported linux games.

AMD, I just bought a RX 480 and was disappointed getting some games to work. Hopefully that will be not an issue in time with new API's like vulcan etc.

AMD looks to be on the right track with their drivers, I hope all developers pick Vulkan over DX12.
Then when lord Gaben unleashes HL3 and all the pieces fall in place, the great emigration to linux can finally begin.

As someone who basically only owns AMD graphics cards and runs Ubuntu, the oibaf ppa has proven to be a must for even getting some games to work to begin with (radeonsi is okay at best, and without the version from the oibaf ppa is incredibly slow for some unknown reason). Overall, games are playable and work decently well now.

In terms of games, I've found odd issues where most games won't work right in full screen mode but will work perfectly fine in windowed mode - if I tell them about my actual screen resolution, anyway. Whoever wrote the display resolution detection stuff for Unity wasn't too clear on the distinction between "virtual desktop resolution" and "screen resolution" and it shows.

My favorites have been CS:GO, Insurgency and Hexcells Infinite - the first two because I can play them with friends and the third because I simply enjoy puzzle games.

If you learn how wine works you can play a lot of other games too. Skyrim, League, WoW, lots.

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