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Linux Gaming: DXVK, Wine, and Lutris (Part 2 of 4) | Level One Techs


Also from here:

Hey Liam, the normal algorithm is in effect, so if at the end of the two weeks you have more playtime on Linux, it’ll be a Linux sale. Proton counts as Linux

No way Valve is doing this by chance. This might really increase usage statistic which many of the management ppl will see. This might even increase incentive of native ports.


That is interesting.


Gonna need a Part 5 of this series with working with Proton rather than vanilla Wine or Wine Staging. @wendell


Is it possible for me to join this wagon? My GPU is one of those custom Saphire Nitro R9 390. I’ve heard they are use a somewhat transitional implementation of Vulcan and vkinfo does complain about some features not being present.


Tested DOOM with steam play. Works flawlessly. Although it does not say much as it already worked like that in wine outside steam. But still having this with one click instead of taking the 5 minutes to configure on lutris is important for new users.


Lutris still has it’s place for Uplay, Origin, GoG Galaxy, Epic Games Launcher, and BattleNet. Remember, companies are always trying to skip Steam and make their own launcher ALL THE TIME.


I’m very happy with lutris and how it allows me to play WoW at the moment.
I don’t have a life anymore but it runs great! :rofl::+1:


Are you running the DX11 or DX12 version BTW?


Yeah for sure…The fact that i can have all these at the same place is a blessing…If anything it has a more important part to play now that the options increased.


That’s assuming he had no insider information on Proton.


I don’t think DXVK can handle DX12.

Whoops… I had no idea.
But I run in DX11, don’t know if I can change that that easily. I’ll look into it.


@wendell Not sure if that has been asked before and i missed it (sorry if that is the case) but did you and Linus had any inside info on Valve preparing sth like proton or was the linux gaming videos published so close to the SteamPlay update was a very fortunate coincidence?


Finally watched the video instead of skimming over responses.

The toxicity is true of ANY community. I came from the MLP community and just recently left it because the toxicity was getting to a point where nobody wanted to help each other and just start poking fun at one another using pretty insensitive memes. “The Pyongyang game,” for example, where you get randomly banned for no reason, and then unbanned 30 seconds later just for fun…

Twitch streamers? Same thing, they warn people to act their way or the highway while in their chats, and you get a mob of people that “support” the streamer trying to trample new people or generate rumors for no reason.

Furry is pretty much the most mature out of all of them. It’s seen it all, from a bad press story, the CSI incident, and more. It knows how to keep itself together and has no one leader. But the people that do believe in a “singular leadership spokesperson” for furries is who you want to avoid. *coughUncleKagecough*

But getting to the whole “Why support developers that won’t do anything for Linux?” thing, this is where Valve truly is the spearheader in trying to make them in the very least understand there’s a slight audience that are willing to go through some hoops to get GOOD games working on Linux. Proton and DXVK are very welcome and once DXVK hits 1.0 and esync gets mainlined, that opens up a lot of new possibilities.

Thank you @Wendell, for telling others that the outspoken/toxic (Rick) don’t define the whole community. This is seriously what is actually needed of all communities to be frank.

Anyone that uses X265 is apparently a pirate

@wendell, time to update this guide! Lutris has winevulkan patched esync builds and Nvidia 396.54.09 with Stream Output support and DXVK 0.90 with Stream output support is out!

All the broken graphics in Unity games NOW WORK.


And… It’s time to point people to the 396.54.09 drivers exclusively because the 415.18.02 drivers BREAK ALL UNITY GAMES.

If you’re looking to downgrade back to 396.54.09, old links still remain active:


That sucks to hear


New driver got pushed from Nvidia fixing the Unity engine regressions, version 415.18.04:

It’s worth a test, but fall back to 396.54.09 if there are any additional regressions.


Just FYI, Philip (DXVK dev) is on this forum so he does once in a while post in reply to DXVK related stuff. he’s @YoRHa2B