Linux for Servers

 I'm making a server for my own reasons and was going to put linux on it. I know and have used a few like Ubuntu, Backtrack and Mint, but I was wondering which version out of all the different linux versions is best for fast, reliable and wont crash much.


 Thanks in advance 

Ubuntu would be the choice. CentOS would also be a good choice. CentOS does require 768MB of ram for the GUI to work. CentOS would be easier to setup as well.

Yeah latest LTS Ubuntu is best choice. If you ever run a game server on it, most games if they support Linux only offer support for LTS Ubuntu. 

Kubuntu might also be a good choice. Servers don't need Unity.

I'd recommend Debian because it uses little ram and is very stable. Ubuntu and many other distributions are based on it. And if you're going to use Ubuntu I'd recommend Lubuntu. Its user interface is light, simple and very good. I switched to it and I'm not going back to Unity.

FreeBSD - not linux but very similar in the philosophy and appearance. While I was using linux extensively (mostly debian and a little bit of ubuntu) - years after FreeBSD has prevailed.

FreeBSD, CentOS or Debian.

But it depends more on what you are doing.